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Top Places To Visit 29 Spots

Victoria Peak

The Peak Tram, climbs 373 meters (about 1,200 feet) to the top of Hong Kong Island. Originally created for the exclusive use of the British governor and the wealthy Peak residents when it opened in 1888, today it remains highly trafficked and is one of the Hong's most famous attractions. You can hop into the tram from the Central district of Hong Kong and enjoy the ride as you go through midlevels giving you a spellbinding view of the harbor and the skyline of the city. This is a direct route to reach The Peak, while experiencing the local transportation. The ride is as fun as the destination.
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Seven Commandos Beach

Our last stop for Package Tour A is the Seven Commandos Beach. It’s a great place to hangout, swim, and meet both locales and tourists alike. We have actually spent more time here than in other destinations.
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A plethora of mind blowing beaches and islands, Pearl shopping

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