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We woke up at around 8am finding ourselves still continuing the journey. Approximately after 30mins later we stopped at Pandoh. There was a small restaurant (more like a place for breakfast,tea etc.). Pandoh is situated along Beas River. The view was something to be mesmerized by.Light rains and lush green hills painted a beautiful canvas all around me.  Few cups of hot tea and coffee and we were back on wheels heading for our destination. It was 9:30am and we were stuck in an hour long traffic due to landslide. Cranes were called and the debris were removed as soon possible. I must say I was a little disappointed when it came to keeping up with the schedule. There were many unnecessary halts and instead of reaching our resort at 8:30am we actually arrived at 1:30pm. So the travel was quite long. Almost 17hrs instead of the usual 8hrs that you would find on Google Maps. But! You forget all those really small annoying things on a trip when you have something really precious on the other end.

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