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Mean while discussions started between us (where to go). At last we decided to go to Maatuthavani Bus Stand, from there, we will leave to Periyakulam. There was no direct bus from maatuthavani bus stop to Periyakulam. Inquired the time keeper in bus stand and he told us to go to Aarapalayam. Took another bus from Maatuthavani to Aarapalayam. From there we got a bus to Periyakulam. Window seat. Three hours sleep. Eyes open, we are in Periyakulam. Sema pasi (Height of hunger). Went it search of soaru (rice). Stomach full and we started feeling sleepy again. Decided to take a power nap in bus stop itself, but Ela suggested that we will go to #kumbakarai falls and will take a power nap on the way.

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