Point Calimere R F Tourism & Travel Guide

Point Calimere Bird Sanctuary, Kodikkarai

Point Calimere or Kodikkarai or Kodiyakkarai is a sleepy village, rather the last land portion of...

The Real Beauty Of Ladakh Is Hidden Between Point A To Point B

Yes you heard it right... If you want to see the real beauty of ladakh start exploring the journe...

Janil Gada
2 Days
North Sikkim – Zero Point to Gangtok

Sikkim, especially North Sikkim, offers a complete package of scenic landscapes, breathtaking nat...

Subhrajyoti Parida
1 Day
Z point trek - the trek which will pump up your adrenaline from A to Z

When people say Chikmagalur, the first thing that pops up in mind is Mullayanagiri and the areas ...

Akul Bajaj
Ride to Tigers Point!


Kipper Kaushik
1 Day
Mumbai to Garbett Point Trek 

Mumbai and its weekend trek stories are common to hear. But it is unusual when it is your first w...

Priyanshi Singhal

Best time to visit - January,February,March,April,October,November,December
For a dose of south Indian culture with a side of French flavours, travel to the city of Pondicherry (also known as Pudu...
Eravikulam National Park
Best time to visit - April,May,June,September,October,November
This national park is the breathtaking home of a plethora of precious flora and fauna, and lies along the Western Ghats....
Best time to visit - April,May,June,August,September
Translating to 'the gift of the forest' in the native language of Tamil Nadu and originally home to the Palaiyar tribal ...
Best time to visit - January,February,March,October,November,December
Thanjavur is more of a pilgrim centre than a tourist destination. It is also popularly known as the Rice Bowl of Tamil N...
Best time to visit - January,February,September,October,November,December
With an intriguing history, the oldest inhabited city in the world is a delight to discover. Visited by people from all ...
Best time to visit - N/A
This is one of the most beautiful places of Tamil Nadu and also one of the most important in the southern part of the st...

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