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DAY 2:Next morning we started our trek to Challal.The trek trail is quite beautiful...frm d quevering bridge to soothing sound of Parvati river flowing at d feet of mountain, crossing the woods we reached a camping site...Himalayan Camping Site, where we booked two tents.Along d whole trek dogs are definitely going to accompany you.So if you are scared of dogs dont worry dese won't harm you.Sitting by d the riverside,looking upon verdure it really felt away from the stresses of mundane life.Listening to d music of nature,feet dipped in cold water n d view of lush green forest,perfect food for weary eyes I could feel d calmness inside me.The thoughts got clearer with positivity embracing me.After relaxing we moved further for Rasol trek.It was a 3hr steep trek on narrow n tricky trail.Its a small village with so many innocent ppl meeting on d way.Had a bite at some cafe dere n den we moved bck to our camping site.Chit chatting beneath the blanket of stars around bonfire we spent d nyt playing cards n gossiping ;) DAY 3:After having breakfast at 'Moon Dance Cafe' we started our trip back to shimla.As earlier we had nyt trip so couldn't witness d nature beauty enroute Bhuntar to Kullu.Although we live in Shimla only but nature shows its different colors here in Kullu.The picturesque view of large mountains with river Beas flowing alongside is quite mesmerising.It all seemed to be a scenery from a fairytale!...

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Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105, India
Trail from Kasol. 20-30 Minute walk. Climb down to the river for the Hot spring right after crossing the bridge from Kasol. 11th October: Getting around Kasol Next morning we woke up at 7 and with packaged food and some fruits in our bags decided to take the trails around Kasol. The first one led us from back of the German Bakery (oh, the truffles!), by the stream that flows through Kasol and into an open field. This is where the much talked about Trance festivals happen, though when we walked past through it was completely clear with hardly one or two people strolling down the little field, as we moved further in, the greens got greener as the it started to drizzle, completely unprepared we put our caps on and kept walking down the trail the banks of the stream, lush with mosses and algae. After taking a quick dip (and almost freezing) we moved further in, finding it hard to take in so much of nature all at once, we halted further upstream and stared at the mountains (typical, we know.) as we kept moving further away from the village, the variety and colors of birds went on increasing. Unfortunately, lacking a telephoto and the know-how of bord watching, we merely awed at their beauty and after around 11:00 decided to turn back and after lunch at Kasol took the trail towards the Chhalal. Meeting a Sadhu by a hot water spring on our way to Chhalal we decided to accompany him into his cave which was surprisingly warm (courtesy: hot water spring). We reached Chhalal around 20-30minutes later and walked down to Kasol through the main road after pit-stopping for Chai. We stayed up late into the night following Dinner and Bon Fire by the River at the hotel.
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Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175105, India

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A five hour trek along the rocky trail from Kasol takes you to this idyllic village tucked away in the lap of the Himalyas. The route is steep, inclined and scenic. As you go winding through each mountain the views get even grander. Some parts of the trail are covered with Rhododendron flowers which makes it look beautiful than it already is. At 8497 ft A.S.L, there’s magic unfolding here all 24 hours of the day. The village is nicknamed Magic Rashol because of the magnificent landscape it is surrounded by.

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