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Renuka Ji is a 2km walk from here....

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One fine evening out of blue we made a plan to visit Renuka Ji....

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District Sirmau
Located in the Sirmaur district and is about 672mts above sea level, it is the largest lake in Himachal Pradesh and is named after the goddess Renuka.
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Renuka Ji, Himachal Pradesh 173022, India
It has great mythological significance, it is said to be the place where Maharish Jamdagni and his wife Bhagwati Renuka Ji meditated on this hillock.
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About Renuka Ji

Renuka is the most important place of religious and tourist interest in Sirmour District. The area has breathtaking architectural sites which shows the delicate carving of the artists. The Renuka Lake is another mirror like lake that reflects the image of God in its beauty. It is nearly 40 km. away from Nahan and is well linked with motorable metalled road. This place has a famous lake. Boating in Renuka lake is main attraction for the tourists visiting Renuka. This sacred oval shaped lake has a circumference of 2.4 km. Close-by lies the Parshu Ram Lake which vaguely resemble a human figure. It is believed that Parshu Rama's mother consecrated into water out of which this lake was formed. Towards the end of the lake are towering palm trees which offer ideal picnic spots during day time. Distance from Delhi: 365 Kilometers
Renuka Ji

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