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We land at Rome tomorrow 7.40 am local and meet with other family and friends already in Rome and arriving from elsewhere....

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When in Rome, You’ll travel back in time....

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As history goes, the Colosseum was a place where gladiators fought and people as well as royalties thronged. Now, centuries later its fate has not really changed. It still draws people from across the world. Within the monumental building you have a museum that displays excavation findings of the Colosseum. These findings tell you that it was a place where men and women gathered to enjoy gladiator games making it sort of like a picnic. Information about how it was built, its architecture and seating arrangements are available there. If you have enough patience to read, these historical findings will tell you much more than that. They show you what it was like to be there during 80 AD when gladiators fought each other to death.When you enter into the seating area of the Colosseum that overlooks the grand centre stage, forget the crowd and just close your eyes. You could hear shouts and cheers of close to 50,000 people on stands. Their tension is palpable even centuries later. When you open your eyes, sometimes you are left with an illusion of what you just imagined and come out with goosebumps. That is the Colosseum for you.
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With incredibly talented graffiti artists, gifted yet hugely unrewarded local musicians, levitating saints from an exotic land (who are invariably trying to dupe you) and art experts willing to create your personal caricatures for a small price, the Piazza Navona is like a party sans the finery and expensive attires. Three elaborate, beautiful fountains adorn Rome's most popular public square. And so do the many cafes and baroque mansions bordering the same. Go early in the evening and spend a few happy hours. Getting there: The Piazza Navona is 450 metres from the Pantheon so it is advisable you see both on the same day. You could take a bus from the Termini station or hop on to the metro. Tickets come for about 1.5 Euros and can be bought from the several machines or ticketing counters at the station. Your stop is 'Spagna' along the A Line and the Piazza is a bit of a walk, about 1.5 kilometres from the station. Watch out for the pickpockets on the train.
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About Rome

If Rome can be described as the city of ancient wonders then Florence is certainly the city of medieval marvels. Known as the cradle of Renaissance, Florence is also the birthplace of the most famous Italian poet - Dante Alighieri and the city where Leonardo da Vinci underwent his apprenticeship. But what amazed me is how underrated Florence is as a tourist destination. Whereas Rome is a pretty hyped up city, Florence is more of a hidden gem. It does not get the same glory as Rome but is certainly no less glorious. To use a cricket analogy, if Rome can be called Sachin Tendulkar then Florence is definitely Rahul Dravid.

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Best time to visit Rome is from March to June


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