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21 Days
Red-eye to Rome
Red-eye to Rome

~~What’s that they call it, the Butterfly effect? An infinitesimal occurrence with incommen...

Kurian Joseph
2 Days
Rome Walking Tour: Venezia Square to Trastevere

Rome has beckoned travelers from afar for quite a few decades now. Some might call it mainstream,...

Eva Polino
8 Days
Roaming In Rome: City Guide

So Rome definitely makes the cut for a City Profile because not only did Ashley and I live and wo...

Ashley & Alex
Imperial Rome, Going Back in Time

My days in Rome, Italy started at 9 a.m. and finished at 10 p.m. It was more than 12 hours of end...

Swathi Moorthy
16 Days
Backpacking from Rome to Vienna - Part 1

A backpacking trip across Europe has always been on my mind. Towards the end of last year - 2016 ...

Abhinaba Chatterjee
Rome, Day 3: Following the River

(Part 3 of “The Waters of Rome: 4 Days in the Eternal City”)Let Rome in Tiber melt. - Shakespeare...

Unshod Rover

After a joyful week at the school, I then flew Italy loosing my favourite peach lotion and some nervousness, back at the...
Food and wine, and everything fine – Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance Movement. Hence, there is no dearth o...
On Day 8, we made our way towards the city of Pisa. Here, we straightaway went to the main attraction of the city, the L...
Day 5: We rested during the morning before heading to the train station to take a 12:10PM train for a day-trip to Siena....
We left Rome early in the morning, departing on a train to Naples. The journey took 2 hours during which we passed a var...

About Rome

Rome (3 days)I didn't really like my previous experience in Rome - the people I met were rude and unfriendly. On this trip, I'm glad to say things were better. I felt that the service staff at a couple of main tourist attractions were still aloof, bored, curt and did not seem to want to help. But then again, they must be jaded from dealing with millions of tourists every year. Well I didn't let them spoil my trip - I still had a great time in Rome.

Best Time To Visit Rome

Best time to visit Rome is from March to June

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