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Sanchi happens to be the best of all discoveries made by Alexander Cunningham in 1851. He then went on to establish the Archeological Survey of India. This place is extremely important to the Buddhist community it was during Cunningham’s excavations that this site threw up stupas, including the famous Sanchi Stupa. Believed to hold the bones and beads of some of Buddha’s closest disciples. It is believed that Emperor Ashoka had turned this place into an important Buddhist site during the 3rd century BCE, this making Sanchi the oldest Buddhist site to have ever existed. The structures here date back to the 1st century BCE.
Avoid the summers and visit this place any time between October through March.
1 Day
Finding solitude at one of the oldest Buddhist monuments of India - Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh

Entrance gate of Sanchi stupa!India is a country of a great diversity. It is probably the only co...

Umang Dave
1 Day
Discovering the city of lakes and beyond (Part 1)_ Sanchi and Udyagiri caves

In a quest to discover the heritage of ‘Hindustan Ka Dil’, we decided to explore &lsq...

Pooja Chaudhary
4 Days
Splendid Sanchi Stupa

The famous Stupa of Sanchi is located in the town of Sanchi in the state of Madhya Pradesh, ...

Kushendra Tiwary
1 Day
Sanchi- The Buddist town near Bhopal

Went to my home town of Bhopal last month during the Diwali holidays. The winter had come in by t...

Photo-engraving Sanchi

The great StupaSoaking it all in :)Tropic of Canceron your way to SanchiMonastery 51Ashokan Pilla...

Sneha Vashist
1 Day
History comes alive...SANCHI AND UDAIGIRI

Was in Bhopal. Realized Sanchi Stupa was a must see. All those history lessons....the stupa, the ...

Soma Majumdar

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