Splendid Sanchi Stupa

2nd Aug 2014
Photo of Splendid Sanchi Stupa 1/16 by Kushendra Tiwary
At the Station
Photo of Splendid Sanchi Stupa 2/16 by Kushendra Tiwary
The Red Hue of Nature
Photo of Splendid Sanchi Stupa 3/16 by Kushendra Tiwary
The Introduction
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Extra Information
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Main Stupa
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Entrance 2
Photo of Splendid Sanchi Stupa 8/16 by Kushendra Tiwary
Carvings on the Entrance
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Remnant of Buddha
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The Ancient Colloquy
Photo of Splendid Sanchi Stupa 11/16 by Kushendra Tiwary
The Gallant Gallery
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Atop the Entrance
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The Life Then
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The other Stupa
Photo of Splendid Sanchi Stupa 16/16 by Kushendra Tiwary
Still and Strong

The famous Stupa of Sanchi is located in the town of Sanchi in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is roughly 45 kms north east of the capital Bhopal.

The Stupa was built by the Emperor Ashoka The Great in the remembrance of Buddha. The Stupa includes hemispherical structures of bricks, a monastery and a beauteous garden in its campus and holds the special significance in the path of commemorating the life of Buddha.

If you have a interest in going back to history or exploring about certain civilizations or if you have even a slight interest in the life of Buddha, then this place is a must visit for you. The Stupa holds a significant place in the hearts of several monks and followers of Buddhism, this is one of the biggest reasons that this place has turned into a tourist site and also has been declared a World Heritage Site. 

Visiting the Stupa is an fantabulous experience as it is a place which provides its visitor with the exact amount of peace which many people are looking for, moreover the view from the elevated site is always rousing to the viewer. The architecture and the art forms on the entrance and the walls are the main features which attracts the eyes of those who are interested in the culture and heritage of different places. 

It is also a delight for those people who meditate as the place is a pacific of peace and tranquil, as it provides one with the right kind of environment.

One more thing which should be looked for in the Stupa are the different inscriptions done on several walls of the site, the inscriptions date back to as old as 175 BC and are a true source of knowledge for those who can understand and decipher it.

The Stupa is divided into several parts, For example- The Garden, The Stupas, The Monastery etc. and each and every site must be explored thoroughly to get a better insight of what the place has in it.

Things To Take Care Of :

1. Try to visit this place in the Autumn Season, as the weather conditions are the most favorable during this period.

2. Carry your water as the site is far away from the city and the station and there are no shops nearby.

3. The place has a religious angle attached to it, so take care of how you conduct yourself when you visit the place.

4. The Stupa also has a book shop outside its premises, never hesitate to buy books as they are a great source of information on topics related to the Stupa, plus the stock of the books is quite commendable.

5. The budget of the trip can increase or decrease on how you travel and where you stay, the cost of the budget provided above included train journey, stay in a fairly priced hotel(situated in Bhopal) and food for two times.

Starting Point.
A hotel can be booked in Bhopal and the necessary arrangements for fooding, lodging and travelling can be done.
After you reach Sanchi station, some private vehicle has to be hired in order to reach the Stupa, so necessary arrangements in advance must be done. After you reach the place, Explore and Enjoy.