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Prague Castle

The historic Prague Castle is beyond any ordinary castle. It is the largest ancient castle as per the Guinness Book Of World Records. This 9th century castle complex has been home to some of the most powerful empires in Czech including Bohemians, Holy Romans, Czechoslovakian kings.Today it is the home to the President of Czech Republic and one of the most tourist savvy spots in the city.Czech DinnerWhen in Czech, eat like the Czechs! Roasted Duck, chicken and fish along with some local wine is just the perfect Czech meal to blend in with the Czech food flavors!We dined at UPavouka, a cool medieval theme-based restaurant with excellent food, unlimited servings of wine/Pilsners and lots of entertainment to keep you hooked (we’re talking sword fighting, belly dancing and a lot more magic!) DAY 2Letna Park
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Europe, perhaps, doesn’t even need an introduction. How do you befittingly describe enjoying a gelato near the Eiffel Tower, or walking through the ruins of Pompeii feeling your hair stand up on your skin, or rowing down the canals of Venice with a loved one by your side, or going crazy at the Tomatina festival in Spain or lying on your back and watching the Northern Lights in Norway, or a day reminiscing the Holocaust at German concentration camps, or enjoying some fine whisky in Scotland and some fine wine in France.You have either been here or you haven’t. You either did that or you didn’t. The only way to know Europe is to be there, in all of its countries, doing all of the things, experiencing its diverse cultures, monuments, history, languages and people first hand. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in anyone's life and the ideal Europe itinerary starts from the best and rarest experiences that will at least scratch the tip of the iceberg.Europe is simply too big, in size, sights, cultures, experiences and things to do, to fit in one itinerary or one introduction.Getting Around in EuropeEurope has an unbelievably smooth rail network. Eurail offers several national passes and special fares that make train travel the cheapest and most hassle-free mode of travel between countries. To explore the best of what Europe tourism has to offer, renting cars, cycling and hitching rides (a paid privilege) are popular options.Most Parisians walk or use a Vélib bicycle when they want to travel locally. The metro and RER train system is also an inexpensive and fast way of going anywhere and everywhere within the city. Day passes are available from $14 onwards and a single ticket costs $2.Three Days In Paris
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