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Ampat, West Papua, which saves...

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Kofiau Besar and the other islands other woods used as the local’s livelihood, for example: for gardening, farming, hunting etc. In goverment’s organizational structure these islands have become a District sync with the District of Raja Ampat, and Kofiau Islands became a district of its own.On Kofiau tourists can perform a variety of activities ranging from swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving to underwater photography. But he tourists are always suggested not to ruin the beauty of coral reefs on the island Kofiau this, because many coral reefs are already damaged by illegal fishing using chemicals.Since Kofiau island is a part of Raja Ampat Islands, it has already two international institutions concerned about the preservation of natural resources named CI (Conservation International) and TNC (The Nature Conservancy). To reach Kofiau island tourists can travel by plane Sorong from their respective home, continued from Sorong to Kofiau using 2 choices of transportation: a tour with pinisi boat or using a boat from Papua Diving resort.No need to worry about the facilities and accommodation, the island has sufficient if not complete facilities and all. It has lodging, dining and other supporting facilities to make you always feel comfortable while visiting Kofiau.
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