10 Places in NJ You Need to Visit in 2018


You may be surprised to know that New Jersey is one of the most interesting states in the nation; yes it is true it may not be the best or the happening place but it is really interesting. It has everything that makes it interesting like wonderful beaches, huge refineries, wildlife and beautiful backwaters. There are many attractive places in New Jersey, but you need to have some leisure time to enjoy all the places as it cannot be covered in a hurry.

Photo of New Jersey, USA by Daniels Realty

Buzz Aldrin Astronomical Center, Voorhees State Park

You may not know but the second man to step on the moon was Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and this center is named after him because he was grown up in the city of Montclair. If you have interest in watching skies then you can see the largest telescope of the state in this center. You cannot visit this center in the month of January and February as it will be closed to the public.

Photo of Voorhees State Park, County Road Route 513, Glen Gardner, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

The Gardens at Wyckoff

Will you like to admire the beauty of a striking garden that is spread in over 13-acre land that has more than 500 species of marvelous plants most of them being roses and so this garden is also known as Rose Garden. This is the best place if you like to have some romantic moment in a peaceful place in the lap of nature.

Photo of The Gardens of Wyckoff, Crescent Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

Millville Army Air Field, Millville

Millville Army Air field was opened in 1941 and you would be amazed to know that it was the first Defense Airport in America. It was opened as a school for fighter pilots. Today it has been converted into a museum that is now showing many planes of that era, Navajo code-talker and also ground equipment that were used those days by our military.

Photo of Millville Army Air Field, Leddon Street, Millville, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

Franklin Mineral Museum

Mining was always very aggressive in New Jersey and it had world two most popular zinc mines and it has totally produced over 33 million tons of zinc ore as per the government data. You can take an adventurous underground mine tour and can collect some rocks also.

Photo of Franklin Mineral Museum Inc, Evans Street, Franklin, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

Ocean drive

If you are tired of city traffic then you should try this place that has many toll bridges that go over the sea. This has one of the best beaches in the state, which is not yet so known among the populace. The road towards this beach has some awestruck scenery that you will definitely enjoy.

Photo of Ocean Drive, Avalon, New Jersey, USA by Daniels Realty

A.J. Meerwald

This booming center of the oyster industry was built on the Bayshore in the year 1920 and it stands tall at 85 foot and it is officially the tall ship of the state. You can enjoy the scenic cruise throughout the year and can check the schedule on the Bayshore Center’s website.

Photo of Meerwald Road, Cape May Court House, New Jersey, USA by Daniels Realty

The Deserted Village at Feltville, Berkeley Heights

You may be surprised to know that this is an official deserted village and the more surprising fact is that it is located on one of the busiest highways of the state. This village has around 10 buildings that remind about the quasi-Utopian mill town that was started by David Felt in the year 1840.

Photo of The Deserted Village, Cataract Hollow Road, Berkeley Heights, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

The Great Falls, Paterson

You might have heard about the great falls, but there are very few people who have actually seen it from close. If you want to see one of the natural beauties from a close distance then this is the best place where you can see it from close over the bridge.

Photo of Great Falls Park, Paterson, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

Mt. Mitchill, Atlantic Highlands

This park is spread over 12 acres that have been named after a famous professor Samuel Mitchill. This park is situated 266 feet above the sea level and when the clouds are clear you can see forever. This park also has the official memorial for 9/11.

Photo of Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook, Ocean Boulevard, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA by Daniels Realty

The Cabin in the Woods, Wharton State Forest

If you like to spend some magical moments in tents then this is the right place for you. These tents are clean, comfortable and even rain cannot drench you. It has every facility like bathroom running with hot and cold water, fireplace and also a refrigerator to store your beers.

Photo of The Cabins in The Woods, Robbinsville, NC, USA by Daniels Realty

These 10 wonderful destinations in New Jersey that you should visit. Some of these destinations are very popular and people know about it from a long time, whereas some places are like the best place to spend weekends or best place to have lunch or for some other specialty. These 10 destinations will definitely give you a strong reason to pack for a vacation in the NJ and contacting Daniels Realty would be the right option.

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