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Winter Of New York'13 - My Photo Journey!

|.Skyscrapers. Avenues. Picturesque Streets. Mouth Watering Food. Shopping. Fun. Madness. Crowd. ...

Ankita Borkakoty
Essential New York Travel Guidelines For First-Timers

New York is perhaps the most vibrant, lively and chaotic city in the world, full of life, beautif...

Sukanya Ghosh
4 Days
US Chronicles (Part 1): New York with the girls

Standing at a bustling corner of times square on a busy Monday evening, i was left thinking- how ...

Pooja Chaudhary
10 Hours in NYC
10 Hours in NYC

I shook the Russky awake and dragged him into the car. We started driving. It was 3:30 AM and he ...

Only one bar in India makes the list of top 15 bars in the world according to travellers! *Hic*

There aren't many things that make a person happier than drinks and great music. Credit: Miss Rhy...

Prateek Dham
6 Days
New York- The Big Apple City

City that never sleeps... With my office training and conferences on, I tried making the most ...

Ishani Pahwa

Edison Tower
37 Christie St, Edison, N
Tropicana Casino
S. Brighton Avenue and the Boardwalk, Tropicana Casino and Resort, Atlantic City, NJ 0840

Washington, D.C.
The nation’s capital, it’s packed with things to see and do year-round. Washington boasts monuments that are a must-see; cool neighborhoods with lots of shops, restaurants and cafes; and like New York, people from all over the world. It is also the nerve center of politics. Your embassy is highly likely somewhere in Washington. As a teenager, I spent summers in Washington, staying with an uncle and other relatives who live there. And as an adult, there always seemed a reason to return to Washington, either for work or for pleasure, sometimes both.
As the second largest city ion Egypt you would expect it to be inundated with tourists. However, it is much more popular with the Egyptians and the hotels and attractions are aimed at them. It boasts wide stretches of stunning beach and remarkable scenery. Although it is just over 200 km from Cairo it has a distinct feel to it that differs from the rest of Egypt. It is much more Mediterranean in flavour. It is certainly worth visiting for its unusual atmosphere. Fans of literature will associate this pretty town with the works of E.M. Forster and Greek poet Cavafy.

About New Jersey

Well, maybe it's true how people say it? Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places. As the door swung open at 6am, I witnessed the most beautiful sight of my life! Everything glistened like a fairy had sprinkled her dust over the entire place. It was straight out of a Disney movie I spent all my childhood longing for. The icy air whistled around my ears and every step I took left a snow footprint so fresh, it made me wonder if I were the only person to have ever been there. It was one of those moments I wish I could've frozen. It was not merely the beauty of the place but the way it made me feel. So special!
New Jersey

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