10 Reasons why we hate Ladakh!!!

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We say, “Want Not, Waste Not”.  So when you think of Ladakh we are all skeptical of, hey who would want to spend 40,000/- on just a trip… So what’s all this fuss about that everyone wanting to go to Ladakh and is all gung-ho about such an overrated place!!! Well, should we all just go because Amir Khan advertised Pangong Lake so well???

Frankly we think it’s just "hawaa haii bhaii" and here we list the top 10 reasons why you should definitely avoid The Ladakh AdvenTour.

 1- Just Horrible Panaromic Scene... Completely pathetic!!!

 Hey come on, who likes to see mountains that are just naked with no trees, with golden sunrays kissing the peaks and monasteries that touch the sky… Nahhhh I won’t even click a picture here for sure.

 2- Masked Dancers & Mystical Performances...

 You tell us, who likes performances by people wearing masks and who are just creating a hullabaloo fusion of drums & trumpets with thumping steps. I mean we see the Rio Carnival and Barbados & Venice Carnivals so what’s special with you we ask. Why go all the way to see the Hemis/ Loasr festival which is when its so crowded that everyone in the world just gathers to see its performances.

 3- What’s Momos??? We Got Idli Rassam Vada Sheera Upma

We can’t frankly believe that people are falling for this; I mean who would want to eat those steam cooked or friend momos or parathas with apricot juice just for 40-50 bucks… We ain’t cheap mateys and we will stick to our idlis and rassam wadas.

 4- Pheww !!! Wilderness Trek to reach NOWHERE ?

We ain’t got a clue as to why someone would pay to trek over a frozen lake to just watch waterfalls that are frozen into ice and stay in drop dead cold temperatures of sub-zero degrees in a tent/camp under the starry night sky. Doesn’t click with us I say …

 5- Biker’s Paradise – What NONSENSEEEEEE !!!

Ask every biker and he will tell you why you should “never” do this ride. Just open roads with valleys and snow-clad mountains on both sides and turns that would not thrill with roads at 18000 feet which they claim are the world’s highest motorable roads. Wait not just that there are some roads which pass through waterfalls and some where you tie your tires with chains so that you won’t slip as you are passing in between  “walls of snow on a sheet of snow”… absolutely no adrenalin rush and so much of efforts !

 6- Pangong Lake – Yeah right, just coz Aamir Khan flew a plane here !

We are begging you for a reason to why travel 6 hours to reach a lake in the middle of nowhere which is not just a part of India but China as well and where the Chinese outpost starts at just 30 kms. What sane mind would want to camp here under the stars with just you & them by the bonfire?

 7 – Double Humped Camel Rides ?

We get the fascination of foreigners with humped camels, but we have to been to Rajasthan. So what is the big deal with double humped camel rides in the middle of the desert where you will sleep in organic farms with a river flowing by your bedside and the desert sand touching your feet? Just over-rated we feel.

 8 - No Adventure for the young daredevils..

 The monasteries here they say would enlighten you, bring you at peace with yourself make you touch a realm of self-conscious spirituality but isn’t that for the oldie goldies?? What about the selfie-clicking, facebook generation who want some adventour. I guess the Grade 4-5 Rapids at Zanskar River Rafting might just not do according to us.

 9 – “Juley” & Descendants of Alexander the Great

Juley – a single word used to describe happiness, thanks, welcome and goodbye ! The always smiling and welcoming Ladakhi greet you with the fragrance of  kawa chai and momos. Warmth of their hearts will sink you into the wilderness with roads that stretch to unimagined passes between the mountains you always dreamt of. Why would we want that when we can stay at hotels with all the chomfort?

 10 – Freeze yourself in non-human living conditions

 There are regions like Drass, Siachen, Kargil which reach the temperatures of -57 degree-C in winter. There wouldn’t be any pride for an Indian in knowing that our Indian Army was posted here and fought the Kargil war here in 1991 with these conditions. The letters written by these heroes about their sacrifices won’t mean much to us now, do they?. Well we all have the guts right to lay down our life for our country for people we have never met but still have to protect.

While writing this article, I am soo tempted to visit Ladakh again that here what my 2015 summer plans look like..

>>>>> Ladakh Summer 2015 <<<<<<

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