5 Best Free VPN Services

1st Aug 2018
Photo of 5 Best Free VPN Services by Alexander kala
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Free VPN is one of the best services that can be found on the web today. Why you need free VPN is the first question that we have to answer before continuing this post. There are some organizations that do not allow their employees to see some sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They simply block these sites to prevent people from spending time on these sites to stay away from work. In such cases, there are some top VPN services to help these people to access blocked websites for free. More than a few people would like to access the Internet anonymously, so these Free VPN services will help. Despite the real purpose of the Virtual Private Network(VPN), these services can also be used like this.

There are few free best VPN services offered on the internet by some providers. To access these services, you must use the VPN Client provided by them, which can be downloaded for free. Here is a list of top 5 best and free VPN services.

1. CyberGhost VPN - Free VPN service in basic plan

It offers free VPN service through its basic plan in which you can use this VPN service for free up to 1 GB of data transfer. You must update the lease plans to be used for more traffic. This free VPN service is that it offers a max speed of 1000kbps in the basic plan.

2 OpenVPN

It is an open source and free VPN Service that allows two clients to access the server for free. It is also secure because it uses SSL-based environment. Simply download the VPN client access and start using the service.

3. LogMeIn Hamachi

It is another virtual private network service, which is absolutely free to use for non-commercial activities. This service also allows you to use up to 16 clients for home networks or for personal reasons. This service also allows you to share files and other resources. To use this virtual private network services for commercial purposes you must purchase the commercial version of the software.

4. Hotspot Shield

This is another service that creates 100% secure private virtual network between your PC and the gateway. This free VPN service is to provide unlimited bandwidth as well. Its client software is free to download and easy to install on different operating systems. Hide your IP by using this service and keep your browsing information private.

5. Loki Project Network

This is an SSL-based free VPN service, allowing access to visitors for free. If you believe that the guest account of bandwidth is restricted for use you can also upgrade your account to pay and take advantage of a stable VPN access.