8 Movies Every Mountain Lover Should Stream This Weekend!


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Every mountaineering enthusiast firstly explores all the courses and ways to climb a mountain and then later idolize mountaineers who have made history in this highly dangerous yet courageous sport. Mountaineering itself involves grave risks and not everybody gets to see the sights that a mountaineer does. However, these climbers also document their expeditions and make films out of them that help aspiring mountaineer's explore and live the life virtually! Below is a compilation of some of the best mountaineering movies of all times. Some of them are true stories based on documentaries and short clips of mountaineers and some are depicted through drama, yet both these kinds of movies remain equally gripping and motivating! Check these trailers out and watch the most awe-inspiring feats of human history in the adrenaline pumping sport called mountaineering! 



This crazy movie that'll get your pulse racing shows the climbing expedition of experienced mountaineers who take on the mighty peak of Everest! The movie is based on a true story where a group of mountaineers were trapped in a snow storm while descending the highest peak in the world. 


In 2000 this epic movie on mountaineering rocked the theaters with its effects and filmography. The plot of the movie revolves around a rescue mission to be conducted on the world's most difficult peak to climb; K2. This movie till date remains a classic!


 This mind blowing documentary is based on a mountaineering disaster that took place on the slopes of K2 in 2008. Some of the events shown are based on true incidents while some of the events recorded are dramatized. The film on a collective is gripping and will get any mountaineer aspiring about climbing K2 excited!



Story of a man who attempts on climbing the same vertical face of the alps which his father tried to attempt but lost his life on. The man faces climatic challenges as the weather changes and at the same time musters up courage to prove to be a good father to her daughter and come back alive from this daring adventure!


Regarded as the worlds toughest and the most challenging peak to climb, K2 has had more deaths while climbing on an average than the highest peak in the world; Everest. the attempt of summiting the peak of K2 marked the 100th attempt of the summit after the Italian attempt in 1909. the movie is fast paced and a very good attempt at keeping the viewer engaged and informed about the statistics if climbing the 14 highest peaks in the world.


The movie shows one of the best documented climbs in the sport of mountaineering. The disasters while climbing as well as the risks involved are portrayed fantastically that will emotionally engage its audience. 'Cold' was featured in the Banff mountain film festival and showcased the famous mountaineer Cory Richards who became the first american mountaineer to summit the Pakistani peak in winters! The documentary shows how Cory filmed the entire climb in his camera that he carried throughout the expedition.


A group of mountaineers are trapped on a mountain and the man who manages these climbers is now looking for a rescue team comprising of the best mountaineers to bring the other climbers back. However, whoever that goes to the mountain is getting killed in mysterious circumstances.


After the first american attempt of climbing attempt, and after that many of those who failed, 5 decades later a bunch of mountaineers take on the risky challenge of climbing Everest from the west ridge. The movie has famous mountaineers like John Krakauer who is known for his book ' Into Thin Air'. The movie based on the formats of a documentary shows the attempts made at climbing Everest and the troubles faced by the team.
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