A Guide to Save Money While Travelling


Travelling on a budget is every travellers dreams, but somehow most of us always end up spending way more than what is necessary on our travels. If you are a true traveller and believes in the experiences rather than luxuries we can totally help you cut down the cost of your travels. Here is a list of hacks that we believe can help you cut down on your cost of your next adventure.

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-Try to travel in Groups

Connect with likeminded people who are equally enthusiastic about travel as you. Sharing the cost would help your budget a lot, travelling with someone is always better than travelling solo when it comes to cost cutting. You can cut down on your accommodation cost and your food cost, plus you will get company of likeminded people.

-Be flexible with your plans

Travel cost increases during certain periods, the cost of hotels would be higher on weekends, so try to be flexible with your plans, travel during off season, or weekdays to get the best prices. You will actually get to avoid all the crowd and you will see a different side of the place.

-Try staying in homestays rather than hotels

You will find homestays at most of the places you go, may it be mountains of the beaches or any other place. Staying in homestays is a better option because it is cheaper than hotels and you get to experience the lifestyle of the locals living there, you can experience there food and learn more about the place.

-Travel the local way/Hitchhike

Going the local way is the best way to connect with people on your travel and to save on your pocket, you will not only meet people you will learn about new places and new things while doing so.

-Eat like locals

Try getting your food from the joints where the locals eat of you can opt for buying your own groceries and cooking your own food at the places you are staying, this would save a lot.

-Be informed about your destination

Always go well informed when going for a trip, read blogs and ask people, they will tell you about the cheapest option of food, accommodation and travelling.

Hope this will help you save some buck while on your next trip.