A trip to kasol

14th Jul 2017


Photo of A trip to kasol by Arpita Hiremath
Day 1

Started from New Delhi at 11:30pm on 14 july 2017, as it was an unplanned trip we did not have our tickets booked, therefore we choose private cab. It took us 14 hours to reach kasol. But though it was long journey the shiwaliks never let us get tired. We were excited to be in mini israel. Its 546km from new delhi. We were 4 people are we could rent a decent ( clean, spacious) room for rs2500/night at Raj palace. Though there are many good guest house/hotel to stay donot forget to bargain. If you are taking place across the river they charge u high for no reason. As we knew that we wanted to explore and we would spend minimum time at room we were not river specific. it was then 4pm and we were dead hungry. We rushed to moon dance cafe, hogged falafel hummus, pizza, waffles, nutty bar. I felt German cafe was not hygine. Then we tried chocolate cake in down lane of moon dance cafe it was just yum. Then we started trek to chalal. It was amazing. Breath taking hanging bridges. Fast flowing roaring parbati river, shiwaliks with deodar all around was another experience. After which we went to budda cafe, pizza and pan cakes are good plus hookah. You have a salon run by 2 men, for braiding and any new hair style at low cost with quality.

Day 2

Day 2, we wanted to go to grihan village but due to sprain in my ankle i could not walk so we decided to go to tosh. It a village, the road you travel and the scenic beauty is amazing. You can reach to tosh via vehicle 4/2 wheeler or by walikng. How ever if you are choosing 4 wheeler make sure its ground clearance is above 180. We travelled in etios, at the point where khreeganga trek starts driver denied to driver due to bad condition of roads. Therefore we had to choose local transport at rs300/ 4 ppl one way. You have frequent cab moving to and fro. We found a german cafe there. It was different. Food quality was good, ambience was good. After which we visited manikarna where we have hot spring. Then we headed to manai. We reached manali around 7pm. There are many places to stay. We stayed in paramount. It was good. We went to mall road and did shopping and we had food at chopstick, i must appreciate the food and the waiter for guiding us wrt quantity and type of food. After which we went back and had some #brownie.

Day 3

Day 3 we were suppose to bisit few near by places. Browine effect was so high that it near took 48hrs to come back to normal state. Woke up at 1pm and Started our journey to new delhi as there was a lamdslide in mandi. It took us nearly 14hrs to reach including break for dinner.

Day 4

At 5am we reached delhi. Cab costed us 12500(including driver charges). We had to pay toll and state taxes seperately. Overall it was amazing trip

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