Amazing Adventures in Peru that are just beyond awesome!

4th Nov 2017
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Peru is the perfect place for adventures. Desert coast, mountain range, lust jungle are some of the adventures you can enjoy. You can also go for adventures like hiking in the mountains, sandboarding in coastal dunes, canoeing in the rivers or tracking the Inka trail. A single trip is not enough to adventure in Peru. These are the highlights of the magical places when you visit Peru travel tours:

Hike in the Inka Trail:

A twisting footpath rises from the width of the Urubamba valley, between vaporous cloud forest, beside the ruins of old stations. For the Incas, this way was the main entrance to the beautiful territory of Machu Picchu. The people who trek every year to this place is a religious journey between sumptuous scenery and the final stop is the most eye-catching ancient site in Peru.

Overnight on an island:

It is an ancient belief that Lake Titikaka is the birthplace of a sun. If you spend a night on one of these lakes Island, is the best way to know about the place. The best part is Sunset which is surrounded by the lakes.

Trek the Andes

The Cordillera Blanca, a mountain reach at the heart of Peru.If the height doesn’t take your breath away, the pleasing view certainly will.

The amazing Amazon

If you have ever desired to have a live glimpse of the ecology of the earth, there is no other place to look forward other than the great Amazon located in the watershed of the Rio Manu. Known for its biodiversity and every green rainforest, Amazon plays an indispensable role for the stability of earth ecology. Further, it is the best place for sighting wildlife at the heart of nature due to the river Amazon which has its tributaries spread all over the Amazon.

Marine Sanctuary

Islas Ballestas, also known for its group of islands is one of the places one must visit due to scenic locations especially “El Candelabro” and marine fauna. Reaching the island is a typical 2 hours journey via tour boat operated from the resort town of Paracas. The sanctuary is known as a home for species like Humboldt penguins, blue-footed booby, sea lions and guanay guano bird.


Sandboarding is one of most favorite recreational activity due to its year-round availability large sand dunes in Ica and Lima. The largest sand dunes in the world are Duna Grande is in Ica. There is a sandboarding competition named “The Copa Sandboarding Perú” held every year near Paracas.

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Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon is one of the most visited tourist places due to its colorful Andean valley of Colca river and Andean condor (Bird). Colca Canyon is world’s second deepest canyon after the Cotahuasi Canyon which is also in Peru with the depth of 10,730 ft approx. This valley is great for adventure enthusiasts who can explore the place via hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, and rafting. This place still retains its ancient heritage of 800 BC and archaeological sites of “the caves of Mollepunko above Callalli”.

Peru tours from India can give you enchanted memories and best of times always. source

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