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BROMO IJEN - The best of East Java
Duration: 3 Days

Though we started the trip with the intent of trekking the electric blue flame Ijen volcano and the active Bromo volcano, we were amazed to be offered with a lot of stunning add-ons. East Java gave us more than we could dream or hope for. Here is a summary of our collective experience in just 3 days.

Check out our itinerary below the video.

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Day 0 - 21:30 - Landed at Surabaya Airport.

Day 0 - 23:00 - We started our approximate 6 hour drive to Ijen area with our genius guide who gave us a brief of what our next 3 days are going to be like

Day 1 - 05:30 - We were welcomed by an amazing Sunrise at Pos Malabar (Do not miss this!!!). We were the only ones here and we loved the lone time.

Photos of Ijen, East Java, Indonesia 1/1 by happy2wander_IJ

Day 1 - 07:00 - Next we headed to view and taste some of the world famous Javan coffees. The Arabica Coffee Plantation was a soothing sight to our sore eyes after the long drive. We tasted the most expensive coffee in the world 'Kopi Luwak'

Day 1 - 09:30 - The first pleasant surprise of the trip was a mini-trek to the Blawan Waterfalls, which apparently is the disposal place of the water from the Ijen Crater..and again we got to enjoy these tumbling cascades all for ourselves.

Photos of Blawan Hot Spring, Kalianyar, Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia 1/1 by happy2wander_IJ

Day 1 - Time to rest at our hotel in Banyuwangi

Day 2 - 03:00 - Checked out of hotel and started an hour earlier to begin the trek from car park to Ijen Crater

Photos of Kawah Ijen, East Java, Indonesia 1/1 by happy2wander_IJ

Day 2 - 11:30 - After witnessing the glinting milky way above us, the stunning blue flames from the top of the mountain, the turquoise acid lake inside the crater and enjoying a hot cup of coffee downhill , we continued our journey to the next pitstop Madakaripura Waterfalls

Day 2 - 12:30 - Madakaripura was the second surprise of the trip, as we never really had plans to make a stop here. This waterfall took our breath away indeed. Controlling the enthusiasm for the later part of the trek, we continued the drive towards Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Photos of Madakaripura Waterfall, Sapih, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia 1/1 by happy2wander_IJ

Day 2 - 16:30 - Checked-in to a hotel in Sukapura just about 30-40 min away from the ultimate destination of our trip "Mount Bromo"

Day 3 - 02:30 - Started from our hotel to the sunrise viewpoint Mount Penanjakan. This was a slightly easier trek than the steep Ijen. It was a good decision to start early, as we were able to beat the crowds and find a great spot

Day 3 - 08:00 - This morning was the most unforgettable day of the trip. The most beautiful sunrise of the trip one one side and the picturesque Mount Batok amidst a sea of clouds on the other

Photos of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia 1/1 by happy2wander_IJ

Day 3 - 10:00 - After cherishing the views, we proceeded in our 4x4 to view the Bromo Crater. The drive through the whispering sands was a dreamy experience followed by the verdant Savannah that still remains etched in our eyes

Photos of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java, Indonesia 1/1 by happy2wander_IJ

Day 3 - 15:00 - After this entire gratifying experience, it was time to head back to Surabaya. 

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