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Nivedana Jalan
“Be an explorer. The universe is filled with wonder and magical things.”Like me, those who have seen the blue flames of Ijen can safely proclaim that they have seen one of the rarest natural phenomena of the world.Being one of the most surreal events I have witnessed, the “blue flame phenomenon” is a natural fire that can be seen burning around the crater of Mt. Ijen, illuminating the sky with fiery and intense glow just before the break of dawn. What’s so amazing about it is its unique color – bright blue. This is essentially the result of sulfur gases from the crater combusting when they come in contact with air. And in Asia, this is the only place you can see it.
Abhishek Kumar
You do an overnight stay at Ijen village and head to the crater next day.
Indre Si
Another place to see the stunning visuals that the otherwise violent volcanic activity causes. The Ijen crater has a lake that even during the day feels surreal, the lake is a shade of blue that is otherwise thought possible only in the virtual world. The crater is also a site for sulfur mining, as underground sulfur is constantly released. It is this sulfur that also burns on its own producing a blue flame that cane be seen in the night and in pre-dawn.