Destination wedding scene


A random decision taken by two friends to visit Hotel Bravura for a destination marriage scene. Bike was ready, bags were packed but the only thing coming in our way was the weather, extremely chilled air with no sunlight, winter season of Delhi was on its peak. It was 25th of January time around 3:00 pm, we hit the road from Mandi House Metro Station and moved towards our destination which had no interval to eat or for rest. Moving from Laxmi Nagar's traffic with four red lights. The ride was joyful with no excuses to take a break. We stopped at Jain Shikanji waala, one of the famous dhaba of every highway we have in India. After the refreshing period we kick start the bike and moved on. 

It was 7:00 pm and we reached the Modi Nagar another traffic area with market and highway combination. The best moment of going out with someone who do not know anything about roads is when you both forget the right path, yes! we lost our track. For a moment we thought we're lost because of the fog and chilling weather but suddenly I got the view of Hotel Bravura in between of our fog, weather and a bike with 100km/hr speed. And we were on our location.

We were late but we were there.

Amazing spot to take rest in between your journey. Normal cost and luxury hospitality with good food.
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