Every Person Is a New Door to a Different World.

Photo of Every Person Is a New Door to a Different World. 1/1 by Kavita Churiwalla


I am new in travel trade. This was a familiarisation trip to Newzealand. It was my first trip without my family and I was very tensed. Going to different country and interacting with people of different nationalities was like an adventure for me. In order to establish myself in trade this trip was must. I was full of apprehension till I landed in Christchurch. There were four different groups moving in different directions and I was in a group where only one Indian was there with people from five different countries.To my good luck within a day we all became very friendly and the adventure that I was thinking of became a pleasure. We all felt as if we had old acquaintance. The 10 days trip seemed very short. It was most enjoyable that I have had till day. We are still in touch and keep interacting. I don't need to mention that NewZealand is a country handcrafted by creator himself and nothing can be as beautiful as NewZealand. I would love to go on similar trips as I strongly believe Good Things Happen When We Meet Strangers.

I would like to quote Andrew Zimmern," Please be traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people,and look beyond what's right infront of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in."

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