Excursion to Schindler's factory

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If you are a history lover and want to experience the sights and sounds while exploring Krakow, then an excursion to the Schindler's factory is for you. In 2021 a film titled "The Men Who Stare at Goats" was filmed in the former mining town of Krakow. The movie tells the story of the miners who are forced by their employer to investigate the existence of a copper mine. While digging for gold in the mine, they stumble upon a mass of dead bodies. While examining the remains, they discover the remains of a massive factory, which is run by the ruthless German named Reinhold Voll.

I got to the most famous museum in Krakow thanks to my Polish friends. Polish friends said that almost nothing remained of Schindler's factory itself. But a museum dedicated to the Krakow ghetto was created in its place. Having ordered an excursion to a historical factory on this site, I went to Krakow in a rented car, which I took at a bargain price here.

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When you take part in a tour of the Schindler's factory, you will certainly be treated to some historical facts that you might not otherwise know about. As soon as you reach the entrance of the factory complex, you will be greeted by an archway to lift a glass panel revealing the building's interior. On one side, you will be able to see the sleeping quarters of workers. In addition, on the other side of the archway, you can find sinks, toilets, a latrine, and showers for your use.

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Most people who take part in a tour of the Schindler's factory are there for the historic value of the sights and sounds, however others visit the site to observe firsthand some of the abuses the people in the area face on a daily basis. During your excursion, you can visit the zinc smelters where your heavy metal fuses are made. This is the largest factory in Poland and is the heart of the metal industry.

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One of the most popular attractions in Krakow is Jagiells' Square, which was built in the late 1800s as a place for workers to gather to rest and discuss news of the day. Although this is no longer the primary attraction it once was, you still can visit this popular picnic spot on the outskirts of the factory and enjoy the scenery surrounding the area. Jagiells' Square also has an underground tunnel that runs beneath it that gives fascinating access to the factory floor.

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The entire factory buildings have been stripped to the frame and left in a sorry state. Despite the decrepit condition of the buildings, visitors are awed by the scale and vision of the industrial age when they enter the factory for your excursion to Schindler's. The buildings have been cracked, peeling, and torn but they remain standing. To see these mammoth machines in working order is a truly inspiring sight and will fill you with a sense of awe and wonder.

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While you're in town for your visit, you might also want to stop by at the Jagiells' Castle, which overlooks the Oberswalder River. Here you'll get to experience an afternoon of thrilling river cruises. As well as a boat tour, you can tour the surrounding countryside. The Castle is open to visitors on certain days of the year and during the summer months. It's best to visit during the spring or fall when the waters are not as full and the surrounding trees are not as windy.