Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat..


It was 5.15 am early in the morning & my cell rang, the call was from some unknown number. Within a second, I picked up the call & before I could say something, the person on the other end said that "Hi Amol, I will be waiting for you at Infosys Circle at 6.30 am", and the call got disconnected somehow before I could say anything. The voice was of a girl & she was in a little hurry. I just got confused & lots of questions came into my mind like - Who was she?, Why she called me such a morning? Why she will be waiting for me? etc, etc...

Photo of Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat.. 1/1 by Amol Kotkar

Before I could get the answers of all these questions, I saw my Adventurizants T-Shirt hanging in front of me on the rope, which I washed last night for my today' trek. And in a minute, all my confusion came to the result that, the call was from one of the participants of today's trek, i.e. Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat. But the question was - Who is SHE?

Photo of Tamhini Ghat, Khandala, Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Amol Kotkar

It was 5.25 am & as usual I was late by half an hour. I finished all my morning activities like etc, etc.. within half an hour & called the drivers to reach the boarding points on time. Meanwhile, I received 2-3 other calls from another participants for the same. The driver of bus, which was about to start from my room, called me & along with Meghanand, I board the bus. I told driver to take us directly to Infosys circle, as I was eager to see that girl, who called me early morning. After reaching there, I walked out of bus & asked people to enter into bus. There were 3-4 girls who board the bus. I called back on the number to find out that girl, but that number was not reachable. I was about to ask those 3-4 girls about that call, but I thought to wait for another bus, which joined us in next 10 mins (I was just thinking that the girl might have boarded the another bus at previous stops). There I met the most awaited person from our core team, Rajendra Ronge. As both the buses started, we did our introduction with our regular Idli-Chatani Breakfast and then it was the time for our favorite Antakshari.

Photo of Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat.. by Amol Kotkar

Nearly after 2 hrs of journey (Antakshari), we reached at the decided spot where the Flying fox activity has to be done. As soon as I stepped out of bus, my eye-sight stopped at such a beautiful waterfall. I just pinched myself to make sure that I am witnessing this creative Nature's beauty & to make it memorable my friend Amit helped me this way.

Photo of Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat.. by Amol Kotkar

Then we walked towards the activity point, where Jayant Sir was waiting for us. In the next 5 mins, Jayant explained all the necessary details that needed to be considered while doing the activity. Everyone listened him very carefully, but as usual ignored him in the same manner ???? . There were two different arrangements made for completing activity, as we were around 80 people & doing the same activity on a single rope may have taken a long time. Some of us were very eager to do the activity, while others were just wanted to make sure that everything is in well condition. I went 3rd or 4th & did the activity & again Amit clicked a nice one.

Photo of Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat.. by Amol Kotkar

After completing the activity, it was the time for Lunch. And to start with, I had my favorite Shrikhand. The lunch was so tasty that I could not stop myself from taking it from everyone's plate. By the time we were about to complete our lunch, the Mumbai team also joined us, who did the activity after having the lunch.

I was having lunch & again my mobile rang. This time it was a miss call & the call was from same number. Suddenly, a different kind of enthu just got created within me & I started searching for that girl in all directions. To my surprise, all girls were busy in having their lunch, & no one had mobile in their hands. I called that number again & same answer "Number is not reachable" ???? . Before I get out of this, my friend Amit Pange asked some of us to come and help them to take out the bus which was jammed into mud.

Photo of Flying Fox Thru Waterfall @ Tamhini Ghat.. by Amol Kotkar

After doing such a hard-work, it was a time for little rest. Then, me and Rajendra did some trekking; slipped through the way and finally reached the waterfall. It was far away from us, but still it was worth to get a sight of it.

We clicked some photos there & returned to our bus. Now, it was the time for Antakshari rather than our back journey. Also, it was time to depart from Tamhini-waterfalls & it's beauty. Again, at Infosys circle, some people left the bus whoever board from that spot. I came to other bus, leaving my friends over there in another bus(searching for that girl ???? ).

I reached home around 7.30 pm. As soon as I reached, I got a SMS saying that "Thank you very much Amol. It was a nice experience, especially getting interacted with you. Thanks a lot again for arranging such a nice trip!!!". Message was from the same number, but this time I didn't called that number.

Let's hope to meet her in next trek!!!

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