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29th Jul 2016

About Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC

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Focus Litigation Consulting, LLC (FLC) is an elite national jury research and trial consulting firm with decades of experience assisting attorneys, in-house counsel, insurers, governmental entities, and companies with mock jury research services, voir dire and witness preparation, and in-court jury selection in civil and criminal cases throughout the country. We use strategy & science to minimize legal guesswork and maximize litigation results.

We aren’t your average jury consultants

Each of our senior trial consultants is trained in the effective use of social science research in the courtroom. In addition, our consultants are seasoned attorneys with extensive trial and litigation experience. Unlike many trial consulting firms, you will never hear us rattle off psycho-babble or arm you with strategies that don’t comport with the rules of evidence or procedure. We understand not only the psychological implications of your case, but also its practical and legal nuances.

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