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Well Well Well !!
Anyone who has been a big fan of Shahrukh Khan could relate to this story. I was five when i watched DDLJ in the cinema hall. Probably my second best movie after "Hum Apke Hain Kaun" , but we all know what impact did Raj and Simran Love Story created.

Being a part of a middle class family , who pamper their girls alot but still say 'No' to Solo Trips, I was always restricted to travel alone.

Just like any other Simran (Kajol from DDLJ) , I had dreams and aspirations to atleast give myself a single trip of lifetime which i could cherish throughout. I wanted to be a classic GrandMa who has a lot of mischief stories of her teenage to share with her grandchildren.

As we say, Prayers are always heard . . Sooner or Later. Mine did just the right time.

I got engaged in August 2013 with the man of my dreams. I guess i never wished more than that but deep down had this travel-worm which was just not ready to settle. I remember, every time DDLJ used to be telecast-ed, I used to get down and be lost in the dream of Solo Travelling. I wanted to taste the "Pleasure of Self-Handling, Excitement of Exploring without Guidance, Learn while Falling and Smile with a Cup of Coffee" .

Do you think you get to experience so much while you travel with friends and family ?

I was all set to get my lehenga choli on, buy M.A.C and Naked , measuring roads to boutiques and calling all relatives. Little did i know, I was about to take the road never taken before by anyone in my family.

A trip of Lifetime ! - RISHIKESH

I am quite fond of writing reviews and blogs. By Luck , I received a mail by HolidayIQ regarding a competition where you could win a 50 days expedition to all INDIA .
The Travel Bug inside me poked me to go ahead with this competition. With different rounds and selection criteria , I received a message announcing me as one of the final winners.

How do you feel if you just get a bunch of chocolates while you are dreaming of a single one ? Mouthwatering and sometimes eye-watering too (in case you never expected one)

I left no single stone unturned to make sure i get hands on to this last opportunity i had. With all the pleads, emotional tortures and tears (just like Simran in DDLJ) , I made it as a CITY INTERN to one of the most charismatic place in the world - RISHIKESH.

I packed my bag full of dreams, to make it live as i experience each single moment turning into reality. It's said that travel make you whole lot bigger and better. I went on this trip just 2 months before my marriage and met five strangers from different states of India. Some knew Hindi, but lacked English. Some knew Kannada, but lacked Hindi. And this is what we call, Unity in Diversity.

With planned itinerary, we happened to meet Claire Thomas. Lives in the outskirts of London, loves travelling, absolute Yoga Lover, Blogger and a good human being.
She was on her vacation to India. And everyone who loves yoga, happen to be in Rishikesh at-least once. We became friends in just a fraction of second.

Even though London is quite far from India, but the taste , beliefs , culture shared is quite similar.
Each passing day we learnt about each other's family, likes and dislikes. Our culture, attire, beliefs and values were quite interrelated. It felt as if India and London are two countries with common people. She has a wonderful perspective towards life and is full of motivation. She used to lay down , smile and sing songs to herself. Remember - My smile with a cup of coffee ?
Here it is.
She brought joy to living. Full of enthusiasm, lively bird , cheerful and takes life as it comes. I so wanted to experience the joy in living. While it was such a short trip , she gave my travel bug a happy smile.
Everybody i met there came from different background. Some were highly motivated, some were dreamer, some took life as it comes, and some were ready to binge into adventure.

When you travel with family , you strengthen the bond with them. When you travel with friends, you enjoy life.

BUT , When you travel with Strangers, you transform each other.

And that's what this trip did to me. The exposure it gave me , got me ready to welcome another adventure in my life - MY MARRIAGE.

This trip and these strangers now friends , taught me that it takes a single smile and a handshake to convert a stranger into family. A risk is involved in every relationship, but it takes just a bit more to improve it. Things might be difficult, but nothing is impossible. Possibilities come to those who dare to dream. Life is always busy and in a race to wait for none, it's up-to you to win it or just smile seeing others win.
Take life as it comes. Since it's the most precious asset one could ever ask for.
Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by harshmeet7
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