How to build an Effective Travel Booking System

5th Oct 2017
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A travel portal is, Travel portal companies provide solutions for OTA (Online Travel Agency), travel portal solutions for agencies and management companies.

A Development Company for travel portals is responsible for developing the portals that are easily accessible to the customers and which enable the user to become more digital these days. Going for the digital environment and the digital world, we are looking for the services for the services which can opt the smart work policy not the hard work policy.

A Travel Portal Development company is answerable to such services which in regards supply best services to their customer as per following the correct hierarchy as well for the welfare of the nation. This same can be achieved by following the given moto :

1. Providing men and material for travel portal development managed by you

2. Project Management Consultancy to your team

3. Managed & Customized Development of Travel Portal from scratch

Far more, a Travel Portal Company has some features which are its biggest traits for the enlightenment of the world. They help in development of such systems which can help the customers in many ways. Some of the most important services are :

1. Flight Booking Engine

2. Hotel Booking Engine

3. Car Booking Engine

4. Tour Packages CMS

5. XML / API Integrations

6. Travel Back office Management

Now I will take you to the main aspects which will help you to identify the main aspects which can make your system an effective travel booking system. With the rise of the telecom industry, every year many travelers use smartphones to research for travel purpose, which urges for a need to have a mobile-friendly website.

Every traveller is not willing to pay the full amount for rooms. There are partial booking feature which allows users to pay an advance for reserving rooms and pay the rest of the amount when they check-in. With the feature, admin can have an amount set of advance payment in the back-end by entering the desired percentage which is displayed to users while the start the booking process.

A hotel reservation system holds search bar as a necessary functional part. Travel Portal Apps has a simple search bar to let users search for rooms according to a city, state or country. The apps can readily select hotels in a desired location and can view the availability of rooms in between the selected dates in the hotel. Or any thing which could make the things easy can be added. While making a payment online for the reservation of the rooms, it has made as a necessity to send your customer a confirmation email. And here we are in the need of the instant email notification feature of Travel Portal Apps comes into play. It will quickly send a notification to guests while booking a room. Which makes the quality factor of the hotel high.

To promote a hotel, offering discounts to guests is a great way. Hoteliers can add and manage discounts easily. Providing vouchers to guests for the order which they book or add discounts on certain rooms. The process for booking is the most important part of any hotel website. If users once find booking or reserving a room online difficult to book rooms through a website then they tend to change their hotel website or OTA to book rooms somewhere else. The system which is integrated with Google Maps makes it easy for guests to search for a hotel in their desired location. It helps in giving the basic information regarding the hotels along with the shortest path to reach the place too. Now google reviews have been a part of it.

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