I'm a Traveler not a Tourist

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Traveler's note.
Most of my trips are solo, or with friends. I honestly don't like travelling with my family, because they believe in "luxurious ways", and I'm not a fan of it. You don't get to learn anything in a perfectly planned luxurious trip. That's for the tourist, not a traveler.
My family has less knowledge about my cheap travelling skills, which they aren't gonna like. Also lectures from the parents about safety, people, world, etc, is not I want, I would rather experience it myself- Whether good and bad.
I am a traveler not a tourist. These are my ways of travelling :
1. I DON'T MAKE PLANS. Go to the bus/railway station and leave for anywhere.
2. Luxurious travelling is not travelling my dear. When with friends or alone, I believe in cheap travelling. Save as much money as you can, there are lots of places to cover up. I save for travelling, as it isn't financed from home.
3. I believe in local buses, trains, hitch hiking. People stop me, by saying they aren't safe for girls, but trust me, safety is in your hand.
4. I don't repeat places, because there's a lot to coverup and explore.
5. Cheap hotels is what I look for, just for a shower and some sleep. Don't book online. Go there and search for your kind.
6. Interacting with the locals. I've always met good people, and maybe this is the reason why now it's difficult for me to hate people. *Touchwood*
7. Adjustment is a must while travelling.
8. I prefer going during off seasons, because it's cheap and less crowded. After all you wanna escape the city, for PEACE.
9. Look for offbeat places. Even if going for a mainstream popular place, try searching and exploring something new, not the same old, same old.
10. While traveling, forget about any kind of relationship or emotions, just be complete into yourself.
11. Use your phone only for pictures, not for texting.
12. If you're active, smart and fragile you're safe.
13. Explore the place to the fullest. The people, the culture, the language, the sites, the famous food, the history, sometimes some interesting past horror stories.
14. Indulge into adventure sports. YOLO dude!
15. Check out places with a 'do not enter' board. Even the halfway would work. Take risks. It's okay.

Remember- Traveling is informative in a fun way.
I'm glad that I could help a lot of people through my Travelling experiences, specially this year.
Thank you 2016
2017 is gonna be much more better, full of travel diaries.
(Some fine day when i'm gonna tell my family, they're gonna be proud, i'm sure, also a little mad though.)
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