If Travel Ruins My Life Then This Is How My Life Has Supposed To Be Destroyed

16th Nov 2015

'There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, there is a rupture in the lonely shores, There is a society where none intrudes, i like not men the less but nature more'

There are two types of travelers one who is running away from something and another who is Looking for something and I probably was 'Looking'.

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While traveling in laddakh few years back, I had conversation with one backpacker while sharing each other's story, some words I still remember... "we all are here to admire the creator's most beautiful creation. This world is beautiful place and you were given this life just to travel and admire the beauty around you. Nothing is as beautiful as to go out, meet different people, share stories, have different food, different cultures, and doing every normal thing which abnormal people say 'crazy'. At last its all about choices, I choose.. that's why I am here admiring the beauty over 15000ft and others just envying someone else choice's"

I was a 55% holder, below average, backbencher, who was scared, don't know what to do in life, want to be an Astronaut..sometimes Physicist.. sometimes Pilot, this person was so confused. Then I fails in some exam which is important to become an Astronaut and after that I left the idea to go in space science. haha I believe that what ever happens, happens for a reason! Rather for a very strong reason which you got to know after few years. And after that one year of Day dreaming I started traveling, I was not the same person as I am today, it's just because of Travel and People I met during my Journey.

I didn't travel the world yet but I already choose the path of my Journey, I am very clear what I want in life today and I feel very lucky for that. It's the beginning and as usual you get many such social fellow who make you feel low sometimes but you know Travel taught me how to avoid people and that's what I do. Sometimes I feel bad for people who thinks travel ruin their life, I just want to leave them to envy someone's life!

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Now as everyone is looking for some job, career, some had their business plans. About me? .. I am still busy planning some big trip after graduation. Is not like i am not concerned about my career, it's just because i believe this the best time to Travel....Your 20's! If not now, then when?? If not you then who??

You have a complete life to make money, marriage, children, to settle down, and to do every shittt you wanna do. It's just because i don't want to ruin this time to do all that fucking stuffs, "I am Going To Travel" The best thing about traveling is it is full of surprises, excitement, wonders, thrill, opportunities, fear and at last Pleasure, Pleasure of being there of a while in the Present!

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This is time when you really live in the present, whatever is there in front of your eyes is just then and there, after few minutes it disappear and picture changed, it makes you bounded to stay in present and live the moment which you have and that's the most beautiful part. You will never ever get the experiences in any university or high school which you have while Traveling.

How to convince the guard if you forget the student id and still need a ticket in a cheaper price?

How to look for a place at 2 am in the morning in some remote village, even whose name you can't pronounced correctly?

How to say good bye to person you fall in love few days back?

How to share your stories without knowing the language and that's so perfectly?

Where to look for a vegetarian food in you were between the naga's?

How to find a place for 50 rs a night including food?

How to trust on that guy who is ready to give us free ride in the middle of nowhere?

What to do if you forgot your sleeping bag and night in the camp at -10 degree?

Either i wait for the lift or keep walking?

Either i trust those people or these people?

This girl is cute but what if she rob me (scared with black widow), should i approach her? No?/yess? No?

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Sometimes you got robbed and you still smiling, and yeah even you don't know why?

No university will teach you or make you wiser then Traveling itself. Some people are so poor all that they have is money, i can't understand or doubt sometimes that what they do with so much money. Might be paying 2000 euros for a so called delicious dinner, hahaha i can get them in 3 euros(even More delicious), why they didn't pay me rest amount!

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My parents, friends (sometimes), neighbours, so called well wishers often convince me for be at home, But at last they always fail. Being a middle class normal Indian family born, My friends often asked that how you parents allow you? I smiled and reply, my parents never stops me they are just concerned about my future that's it. I asked them, did your parents ever stop you from breathing?? They ever stop you from eating?? The answer is no they didn't! Of course because they knew that if you didn't eat or breathe you will die, same here happens with me, my parents know that if they stop me i might die!

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Convince whomsoever how important traveling is for you, and if you can't, You don't really want bad enough! Travel never ever ruins your life, it's rather make you more wiser and mature, it lets you know who actually you are and what you really want from this life, just spend some time with yourself and you are not the same, you change as the world change. And at last people start calling you 'Careless'(as they do with me) , and the reality is now you are not concerned about stupid things happens around, because nothing of that matters now.

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It's been 19 fucking years i am waiting, day dreaming about the life i wasn't living, the places i wasn't have been, the people i didn't met. Now some so called Mature Society's fellow come to me and try to convince me Not to Travel, it Ruins our Life, haha haha Fuck this bull shitt.

"If Travel ruins my life then this is how my life has supposed to be destroyed"

Cheers, Hi-fi life!

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