Random- Thoughts by : Anonymous

You know tourism industry has the biggest carbon footprint than any other. Be a responsible traveler, without nature there is no travel.

"When something good happens, TRAVEL to celebrate. If something bad happens, TRAVEL to forget it. If nothing happens, TRAVEL to make something happen"

As being a solo traveler I really love nature and natural things like sunrise and sunset. I am very obsessed with these 2 things but there are 2 another things which I love the most i.e. mountains and clouds.

While traveling I'm always chasing Sunrises & Sunsets as its this time each place shows it's best colors.

I've spent many nights on beaches, mountains, roads, and many such places to witness the sunrise.

Travel gives me a reason to explore such things but wait a minute only these things inspire me to travel?

No! not only these things give me the reason to travel. So what is the essential thing that makes me feel great about traveling and the work that inspires me is that I know how well I know myself? I love to know myself and this is a way of traveling, by experiencing new things and making me better. In these beautiful sights, I get a reason by talking to other people who I am and what should I do next in my life? If you meet new people, talk to them, you know their culture, then this life seems even more beautiful.

Generally, people ask me why you love solo traveling rather than traveling in groups so have heard this famous saying that

" Everyone's thinking is not the same." Exactly that's my point if I like something else and my travel companions who like to do something else then because of this reason neither we forget to do things like ours due to someone else in our life now whether they are forced or forcefully.

It is not that traveling in the group is a different or a bad thing, but the ones who get excited to travel alone can be the world's best feel.


Nowadays people think that they can not travel because they do not have the money and yes it's the truth that to take a trip to the new places, it takes money. But it is not always necessary that we always stay in a big hotel or resort. Not necessarily we always take the flight to everywhere.

We can take a small tent which is quite lightweight and the price is too low so that we can easily buy. I myself own a middle-class family and financial condition of our house is not as good as I would like to book luxurious hotels for travels or flights for every trip, hence the foldable tents is a good way to save us money and it's more you can make your trip a memorable trip by using more.

Cross Horizons and create new levels of awesomeness. Gadgets/Money

is not what you always need sometimes you just need positivity and belief. Travelers want that everyone in the world follows them as they discover themselves through their traveling experiences.


Whats that one thing you need to make your dream come true?

- In order to make your dream come true, it's important to have a dream.

- Many people talk to me about my travel and life and they say I want a life like yours. I reply you can have it whats the problem and then starts a list of complaints and problems.

- A majority the issues people have is that they don't really know, what do they want from there life. If you don't have a destination in my so probably you'll end up somewhere you won't be happy.

At last but not the least I want to conclude with the short saying which was written by me :

"The Best Thing In Life Are The People You Love, The Places You've Seen, And The Memories You Have Made Along".