Mauritius Tour? Try these ideas to save money on your visit


The beautiful island of Mauritius is among the most desired travel destinations in the world. This gorgeous holiday destination happens to be a luxury spot and therefore it becomes extremely necessary for tourists to maintain a budget on their Mauritius honeymoon holidays to enjoy a fulfilling trip.

The following are some ideas to save money on your next Mauritius visit and ideas to incorporate in your Mauritius holiday package:

Currency Exchange: To get a fair exchange rate, exchange your currency at the Mauritius airport. Try to avoid exchanging your currency at the hotels because the rate of exchange in hotels is usually higher when compared to that of the local exchanges. When in Mauritius, you will realize that exchanging your currency in the island is not a bothersome task. Most tourist attractions have exchange agencies that help you convert the cash without much hassle. Moreover, most of the major establishments of the island tend to accept the USD on a wide scale. Find out about the local exchange range before booking your honeymoon packages to Mauritius.

Food and Water: Mauritius is a luxury holiday destination and therefore everything in Mauritius is usually quoted at a high place. Commonly the breakfast and dinner of a guest are covered in most packages in most hotels of Mauritius. When in Mauritius it is a good idea to eat lunch at local food stalls and eateries on your Mauritius sightseeing tour. The food ordered in hotels is expensive and will burn a hole in your pocket and your budget. Although the tap water of Mauritius is fit for consumption, most tourists are comfortable with bottled water. The bottled water at the hotel will cost you more than 8-10 times the bottled water that you can purchase at the local supermarkets. Find out about the standard cost of food and lodging facilities before booking your holiday package Mauritius.

Water sports: Mauritius is a hub of popular adventurous activities that are mainly water sports like kayaking, water skiing and parasailing. Just like other facilities in Mauritius, the water sports of the island are also pretty expensive. Most tourists tend to book the slots of their favourite water sports in advance, though it is a very smart move but often to have to pay an extra charge to avail the first slots of the water sports and rides. You can visit the island and enjoy the view and atmosphere of the place till the buzzing activities of the pre booked tourists have toned down. Around that time most organizers of water activities offer heavy discounts on most water sports; grab the best discounts on the activities and save money on your adventure.

Local shops and markets: The small local markets of Port Louis have numerous cheap stores, where you can purchase quality products at an affordable price. You can avail huge discounts on certain if you select the right kind of shop and happen to be well adept at the art of bargaining. Steer clear of the shops that your cab driver takes you to. These shops often pay a commission to cab drivers for bringing in new customers, preferably tourists to their shops. Most of the times, these shops do not offer any discounts on their products; instead, they charge you more for even a plain product. Include all the popular cities in your Mauritius holiday package and enjoy a shopping extravagance in Mauritius.

Oh! The glorious journey awaits.

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