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And then Mauritius came into view :D Mauritius airport is in south and since we came from north, we got to see major part of it from above. ...

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This dessert is like a national dessert of Mauritius....

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Top Places To Visit 9 Spots

Port Louis

Port Louis was the only commercially developed part of our itinerary. The place is mostly flocked by tourist and the mall hosts events by the bay. The stuff you buy there is expensive, you would avail the same in Goa! but I know that feeling that every tourist has of picking up some gifts for people back home, and we end up splurging so so so much more. If I have to recommend, one can pick cinnamon wood artifact, bikinis, Sega dress, handmade jewelry! And am sorry boys, there is nothing much for you peeps there! My husband and I picked up this t-shirt with the Mauritian Dodo on it. Like this cute couple who is very much in love, we traveled back home wearing that very tee! :P


Visited the beautiful Chamarel, Bel Ombre, Ile aux Cerf (You will find great difficulty in pronouncing these names if one isn't familiar with French). So Mauritius was a French colony, the reason why the locals speak broken French and broken English there. Shopping places and stores close down by 6 Pm and it could be disappointing for those who keep the shopping plans for the night time.



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