Mumbai to IGATPURI Monsoon Ride to SECRET Location 😍


Welcome to another travel blog. In this blog, I will give you a small tour of Igatpuri.

Recently visited a secret location at Igatpuri from Mumbai on my Dominar 400 for camping. This is the second ride after the lockdown in 2021. During my ride, I visited some unseen places in Igatpuri that you can also visit on weekend.

Igatpuri station is around 120 KM from Mumbai and the route is really beautiful. If you are visiting Igatpuri in the monsoon you witness some stunning spots.

We came across Kasara ghat, Igatpuri dam, Bhavali Dam, Igatpuri dam and camping sites. The road trip to Igatpuri is really scenic and it is one of the amazing places to visit in Maharashtra.

However, there are still police restrictions and one can not visit the tourists' spots like waterfalls and treks. You can only visit if you have a hotel booking and can only roam around your location. Monsoon ride!!!

Places to visit:

1. Bhavali Dam

2. Kasara ghat

3. Igatpuri dam

4. Backwaters

5. Igatpuri Waterfall