My 50 Cents to Travel

Photo of My 50 Cents to Travel 1/1 by Vishal Taneja

1. Understand Travel.

2 . Start with short trips.

3. Keep it Going!

4. Slowly you’ll start getting out of your comfort zone.

5. It’s Okay to not feel Okay sometimes.

6. All will be well!

7. You will meet thousands of people.

8. A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. Isn’t it?

9. Learn to greet with a Smile.

10. You will get over with the phobia of small talks. They are good.

11. Small things often lead to big learnings.

12. Everything is an experience. Embrace it.

13. Also, embrace the culture shocks. You will adapt to hundreds.

14. Get local.

15. Love the food you eat, eat the food you love.

16. I know, food reminds one of home.

17. Write postcards to the loved ones from different geographies.

18. Make them feel proud of you.

19. You are collecting stories to tell.

20. Create your art. Read.Read.Read.A lot.

21. You write your own destiny.

22. Pour your heart out, to others and to yourself.

23. You’ll need a shoulder. Find one.

24. Maybe every time it’s a different one, that’s perfectly okay.

25. You go out alone in the world, but you come with friends.

26. Friends are forever, like a mark on your soul.

27. Oh, Soul needs to be pure.

28. Meditation is the key!

29. And when you travel from one place to another, you take a part of that place with you.

30. That is travel. That is education.

31. You don’t have a degree, feel good you have a life.

32. Travel is knowledge.

33. India is the land of knowledge. Must be on the #bucketlist.

34. Everyone knows it’s a crazy place.

35. So stay a week or two in ashram.

36. Mountains are always calling.

37. Nature has a lot to say. Listen silently.

38. It’s Okay to smoke weed. Don’t get caught though.

39. Better to be High on Life.

40. Give life a meaning. Un-fuck yourself.

41. Volunteer and learn new things.

42. More things about You.

43. Accept who you are and no one can upset you.

44. You might feel lonely at times. Remember you are never alone though.

45. Because Earth is your Home.

46. Sometimes a home is more than four walls and a roof.

47. Win over boundaries with LOVE.

48. Make it your most powerful weapon.

49. Cause Love is everywhere. It’s in your heart.

50. So just be YOU.