Namphake: Thai Village in India, have you ever visited it?

Photo of Namphake: Thai Village in India, have you ever visited it? by Rituraj Gogoi

In Tea City of India (Dibrugarh) a place of interest near the city is the Namphake village.This village is home for many Tai Phakey families who reside here. The river Burhidihing flows along this village. There is a beautiful Buddhist monastery located in the Namphake Village. This monastery is considered as a meditation centre and has also developed into a very popular tourist spot to be visited in this village. The serene surrounding and natural beauty of the place make it a more unique location. The people living here are the followers of Buddhism and their beliefs and traditions are very strong in this regard.

The biggest festival celebrated in this village is the Poi-Nen-Chi Festival, which is held in the month of March. This occasion is organized to pay homage to Lord Buddha. Poi-Nun-Hok is another grand festival in which the birth of Lord Buddha is celebrated. You will also get to see many traditional dance forms that are performed by the women living in this village. On your trip to the Namphake Village, you get to know more about the culture and traditions of the communities residing here. The traditional stilt house(Chang Ghar) of this village is another attractive thing to be noticed here. You can also enjoy a family picnic on the banks of the Burhi Dihing River.