Partake in the Cultural Twist of Auckland


There are only a very few places left all over the world where you can just be yourself. Thankfully, Auckland is one such city where the nonchalance still dwells and frees you from the chains of unnecessary complacency once you reach here via flights to Auckland. This lovable mix of country and citylife experiences pampering drizzle round the year. So either keep an umbrella with you all the time like a killjoy or let the rain wash over you like never before. Before you get soaking wet, you can always find a cottage or a kind passerby to give you shelter under his or her umbrella with the side of a warm conversation to keep you toasty.

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The cultural stratosphere of this city might have changed dramatically over the years but you can still hear the echo of its ancient Maori culture every now and then. The local population amounting quite high in the European concentration still observes all the major Maori rituals and traditions in their daily life. Just get on one of the cheap flights to Auckland and you can see for yourself how this traditional and modern mesh works, starting from the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Here you will discover the intricate details of the Maori culture that has been preserved for many centuries now.

Photo of Partake in the Cultural Twist of Auckland 2/2 by TraveasyUK

There are many locations all over the town such as the Waitekere Ranges Regional Park, Rangitoto Island, and the Waiheke Island where you can hear the Maori language in intensive use. Moving on to the delicious food section, many locals still practise the age old Maori culinary technique - ‘Hangi’ - which involves cooking food over heated rocks. Then on the sports frontier, the ‘haka’ officially marks the start of any rugby game which just happens to be a form of Maori war cry. So grab tickets to Auckland and rush to this blurry time zone today.

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