PEAK: SERSANK LA (SHIV SHANKAR), PANGI VALLEY- Elevation: 6,050 meters | 

30th Sep 2016
Photo of PEAK: SERSANK LA (SHIV SHANKAR), PANGI VALLEY- Elevation: 6,050 meters | by Pangi Valley Vlogs

The Sersank La peak (Local name Shiv Shankar )

Photo of Pangi Valley, Killar-Hudan Road, Praghwal, Himachal Pradesh, India by Pangi Valley Vlogs

As per Alpine magazine, the Climbing Team: Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders climbed the virgin North Face of Sersank Peak in alpine style in over 8 days. The dynamic duo reunited after 29 years gap to tackle the 1,100 meter North buttress.

As quoted by the climbers to above magazine “The technical difficulties were exciting, varied and challenging,” It was a brilliant and memorable outing. The first day was crossing the Sersank La to the foot of the face. The second day was slow going with powder on steep rock. The third day was mainly a sharp, exposed crest with powder and rock challenges (crampons removed at one point) and the fourth, fifth and sixth days were fantastic ice/mixed climbing. Day 7 was mixed/snow climbing to the summit followed by glacial terrain in descent. Day 8 was very complex and satisfying glacial terrain .......” However, an average Hiker can do hiking to its  base camp. 

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