Planning for a trip??Here are the 10 things that you should never miss while packing your bags.

Photo of Planning for a trip??Here are the 10 things that you should never miss while packing your bags. by Babli Kamboj

"Wow...long weekend and I am already dreaming of a trip" That's the thought which circles everyone's mind when it comes to holidaying. Though unplanned trips are always much fun but overlooking few much needed items for a Holiday can ruin the delight of entire vacay.

So, here is the list of few things to be packed for sure while leaving for a trip to ease the travel and stay, when away from home-

1-Never ever forget to take your ID proof with you as you need it primarily for Hotel check ins and mandatory for travelling to other states/countries.

2-Clothes as per the weather at the destination else you might end up spending there at much higher cost.

3-Ready to eat snacks for the mid-night food cravings on the way.

4-Do not forget to put personal hygiene products such as Sanitizer/Mini hand wash, Sanitary pads and toiletries as you may need them anytime.

5-Always carry preliminary required first aid in case its needed

6-Pack the most important things like phone charger, ear-phone, selfie stand, Camera etc. to avoid missing them in the last minute rush. If one is a blogger/photographer/You tuber and want to cover the entire trip, leaving these things behind will feel like loosing the breath.

7-Do carry hard cash to get rid of currency issues at your destination.

8-Additional fuel if it is a road trip with personal vehicle.

9-Always carry tissue paper/toilet roll along as this is what won't be available everywhere specially while travelling in hills.

10-Lastly,As everyone is responsible for environment protection thus always keep an additional bag to use as a dustbin instead of throwing the garbage everywhere.

"Travelling is like blood in the veins of a Travelholic"....

To all the Travelholics there - Keep travelling, Keep exploring.