Checklist for every Holiday

Photo of Checklist for every Holiday 1/1 by Priyanka Nayak
A quick Checklist to refer before every journey 
Below are some of the top picks I ensure to pack for every trip.
  • Tickets / VISA / Passport and a copy of each. It is always good to carry copies of your visa and passport while you are exploring the city and keep the originals safe in the locker so you don't miss place them. Carry copies of travel itinerary might be required for immigration.
  • Travellers Insurance - Its good to have a photo of all important documents in your phone along with carrying the hard copy of each of them.
  • Clothing - A pair of jeans and some tees suit every holiday. Good to have a jacket / sweater at all times.
  • Accessories -Comb / Hair clips other hair accessories. Its advised to leave the expensive accessories at home.
  • Gadgets - Camera ,phones , selfie stick have become the basic need of the hour. 
  • Travel Adapter - Gadgets are an important part of our lives and the fuel to these becomes inevitable. Its always better to carry a adapter to keep your gadgets up and charged. Not to miss the power bank that would help you keep your favourite gadgets going while your are busy exploring the city.
  • Emergency Food  - Specially while travelling abroad its always good to carry some packed food like biscuits which remain fresh for long. Chocolates for instant energy. Quick bites could come handy.
  • Umbrella - Most of Europe , Uk have rains during summers. Its always good to have an umbrella. Wont eat up space and will help save you during sudden showers. Better to carry one rather than find one when in need.
  • Swim wear. Most hotels do not allow a dip in the pool with out the right outfit. Always good to carry your favourite swim suit.
  • Thermals must pack for winters. These are great and help you keep warm and enjoy.
  • Walking Shoes. You could wear them in order to save space in your luggage.
  • Flip flops for the Beach. A must carry for a beach holiday.
  • Sim Card - Could be bought on arrival. Most the hotels are wifi enabled and good to talk to family back home. However its good to buy a sim incase communication with locals is needed.
  • Medicines - In addition to the medical aid you need for a routine its advisable to carry general medicines. Mosquito repellants could be useful too.
  • Toiletries - Small sachets of shampoos, conditioners, creams could be a perfect choice. They ll help you save space and yet be well equipped
  • Sanitary Needs 
  • Speck - Extra pair. For those who can't are dependant on the glasses an additional pair becomes a must have specially on foreign tours.
  • Shades are good to have.
  • Lock & keys - It is always good to lock your bags and keep them safe always.  Good to also carry the additional pair of keys in a different bag.
  • Luggage tag  - Have your name, city of origin, destination and the hotel you are residing written on hand made luggage tag. This could act as a savior in mishaps.  
  • Extra pair of socks - good to have an extra pair of socks in your bag for long holiday longer than 3 days.
  • Polythene / Newspaper 
  • Currency of the country of visit and an international credit / debit card with limited funds or travellers cheque . It is good to keep cash distributed in hand bags and checkin bag. So in case of an unpleasant event you are not completely out of cash. While travelling in a group good to have the cash split amount family / group members.
  • International driving license or any other id proof may sometimes be useful.
  • Important telephone numbers for emergency. Keep both soft and hard copy of the hotel details.
  • Maps and other supporting apps to help you commute smart in the city of visit.
Google to Familiarise your self with the country of visit a couple of days prior to the visit :) 
Bon voyage! 

Not to forget to share your experience and treasure memories :D

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