Traveling To Do Things❤️

13th Feb 2017

Hi all, as we all get excited much before particular state, city and even more in the country. But we forget that ToDo is essential. I know what you guys think. What is this ToDo? But guys, as we all are well organised in our lifestyle and work and even at home few ToDo while travelling, will help improvise our DreamTravel.

Let's not waste any more time as we need to do many things. Following 11 ToDo make you're travelling memorable in an organised way: 

1. If you have already decided to visit for a holiday or even work, check whether for those days. Why, of course, for packing things accordingly. If it's cold, carry two or more pair of jackets and thermal. Hot then bring cotton fabric or fabric which may help you to stay cool all day long.

2. Keep always an extra pair of clothes, including everything. Why, guys, what if one thing got spoil that day? And even for long hours flights, even connecting flight get a delay?

3. Make sure you use organiser bags or pouches for your gadgets, medicines, undergarments, makeup etc. if one day you wake up late, you must be knowing where you think. No more confusion, right.

4. Before packing, ask your self that our this thing which are you planning to carry are necessary? E.g. something, we have extra makeup or even perfume along with Deodorant, and we end up using only Deodorant. Likewise other things as well it may be your clothes or gadget or anything. So do the last analysis.

5. Always carry a travel-size kit with a limitation on the check before travel and even available sizes in a grocery shop. This kit must be kept handy, so if your bags went to check-in, you are not worried about it because you have handy things in the cabin bag.

6. Sunglasses, yes, it's not one pair, at least two teams or more than that can be welcome. You may or may not be aware of whether of that particular place and one pair of sunglasses may not go to your all clothes and always carry an extra team.

7. Do not make you self-busy clicking picture on your phone do must enjoy the weather and that sightseeing. We all are too busy clicking photos and videos of that beautiful place or knowing sight visit, but we forgot to use our naked eyes to see and feel beautiful. So guys, no more mobile phone.

8. Always carry a power bank. If you have decided to use your mobile phone in your smartphone, most of the battery drain happened, especially in no network area because of background network checking. Few apps working in the background, and we use the touchscreen to explore things or app, even Map.

9. Always bring a city map that may be available at the information desk of that city, even airports also providing it's free and not chargeable.

10. Always carry small pocket-sized dirt and pen and write down direct contact no of relative or hotel if your phone is not working due to some issue you have somewhere something written. Do note hotel address and direct no. Or close address and numbers.

11. Last may not be least while travelling internationally, keep things handy or even accessible passport, identity proof, visa copy and even airline website if they require you to carry or do not carry items. Make sure you do a web check-in before you flying as well.

Note: Above all things are based on my personal experience, and it's not necessary to follow the same. If you find it, helpful do mind, or else everyone is free to do their beautiful way to travel.

Happy Journey.