"Rajasthan": Padharo Maro Desh


This trip has been an adventurous and the real life check trip to Rajasthan. On new year eve there was a plan with family to Visit a Jain Tirth(belonging to Jain) Parsvanth Nakoda Ji somewhere in Rajasthan located around 120 Km away from Jodhpur. We have taken an awesome road to Jodhpur where you can see the true Rajasthan and its true colors. The trip was a road trip amidst the Villages of Rajasthan and from those Wild areas where you can imagine to have a warm welcome from the King of Jungle(Tiger), a road where though made a National Highway you can find a True Rajasthan Beauty and the true Rajasthan culture with their daily routines and Daily work. The trip starts from a famous city in Punjab (not to mention) and the trip goes not via six lane National Highway but the single road highway amidst the clashing traffic and visiting small villages. The villages are not less than a hot spot city but also have the gripping traffic in day light and are equally silent at 8 P.M. The Rajasthan shows it true colors thru the single lane higway starting from Bhatinda located at the inter-state border. The Highway gives you the way to make the Trip more interesting with the stray animals along the road coming in between the road while the Vehicle driving towards them at the rushing speed. The Highways so driven makes the trip a little slow due to frequent application of brakes and taking the safety precaution. The most amidst thing is the Camels driven cart along the road and carrying load of trunks. Talking of Stray you may even find the wild animals along the road side or even sometime sitting on road, and makes you feel like the trip to wildlife. The road from a famous Tirth of Hindu divine belonging to the another Avatar called : Salasar Balaji Dham... the famous yet less known place located in an area of around 4-6 KM having thefamous religion place in the Name of Salasar Balaji. The place is located in small town named Salasar and having the old and famous Balaji Dham ; the another avatar of Hanuman; the Salasar Balaji is yet to be found the most famous place in India. The Salasar Balaji Dham is known for its old ceremony and the blessing of the GOD is found here. On the way back from Salasar Balaji Dham to home in Punjab you can find 2 road connecting to main Highway but such roads giving you the experience of True Rajasthan Life and true Rajasthan people living their lives. The Main highway connecting road is about 55 kms long and the most catchy road for daily life journalist. On this 55 Km journey you can catch the Peacock, Camel, Wild Animals(if in night), Sheeps, Goats and such other animals. The way goes thru the small villages the name of which we may have never heard of. But the life do exist among such place and also makes you wonder the place where even your mobile connectivity low but a peaceful and wonderful life. I will reccomend everyone to make a road trip of this 55 KMS way from Salasar Balaji to Ratangarh (connecting the main Higway) and I guarantee you the trip will be worth experience from the modern life to the simple life. Thats it for now...

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