Rann of Kutch itinerary

Photo of Rann of Kutch itinerary by Meenal Date

Itinerary for Kutch

There are few places from Bhuj, we stayed for 2 nights in Bhuj from where  we visited places in and around Kutch

Day 1

Day-1 : We took a bus from Bhuj for Mandavi which took around 20-30 minutes to reach Mandavi, from there we took an Auto to visit  Vijay Vilas Palace.

Vijay Vilas Palace is around 10 minutes from the bus depot, but it is located in an isolated area and so it is suggested to have a private vehicle or get the Auto driver stay so that you can head out after visiting in the same vehicle, as there is not much transportation available.

Photo of Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandvi Rural, Gujarat, India by Meenal Date

From there you can go to the Mandavi Beach, which is 10 minutes away from the Palace. There you can have some leisure time with some fun activities available there.

Mandavi Beach

Photo of Rann of Kutch itinerary by Meenal Date
Photo of Rann of Kutch itinerary by Meenal Date

Make sure to be back to the bus depot by 8:30 or even before as the last bus to Bhuj is around that time. So do inquire at the bus stand before leaving to visit places in Mandavi.

Day 2

Day 2 was the main and full day we had and we saved it for visiting a little far away places from Bhuj.

We started our journey early in the morning that is around 9-9:30. Our first destination was to visit Kalo Dungar. It took us around 1-1:30 hrs. to reach there. 

On the way to Kalo Dungar we came across The tropic of Cancer line and then along the way witnessed the Magnetic field, which was really fascinating to see how the field dragged our car without any artificial push. A must visit place, also if you visit Kalo Dungar then you will definitely come across it.

The Tropic of Cancer Pass

Photo of High Magnetic Field Area (Anti Gravity Slope ), Kalo Dungar Road, Dhrobana, Gujarat, India by Meenal Date

Kalo Dungar ( means Black Hill in Gujarati) is the highest point in Kutch, from where you can have a panaromic view of the White Rann. It is Magnificient.

Magnificent view of the Rann from Kalo Dungar

Photo of Kalo Dungar, Gujarat by Meenal Date

After Kalo Dungar, we headed for a Village named Gandhi nu Gaam/Dham, which was half way towards the Rann utsav from Kalo Dungar.

It is a crafts village, where the people of the village make hand crafted apparels and accessories and sell outside of their houses. The houses there are beautifully colored and are normally Bhungas. A Bhunga is a house normally built in a place with hot and humid temperature ( basically desert type areas).

After shopping and roaming around a bit we headed towards the main destination i.e. The White Rann.

The Rann was amazing. We visited in the evening which is a perfect time not too early during the harsh sunlight and not too late during the sun set. There once you enter the area from where the Rann starts you can either take a ride on the camel cart or choose to walk till the end of the paved road. We chose to do the latter, which was an experience in itself. 

There is an elevated platform available for witnessing the sunset too. If you wish you can go right up there during the sunset. 

The sunset view was amazing, sitting in the middle of nowhere and looking at the ball of fire disappear in the horizon which felt like just a little distance away on the same level as you was surreal.

Photo of gandhi nu dham, gandhi nu dham, Bhuj, Gujarat, India by Meenal Date
Photo of gandhi nu dham, gandhi nu dham, Bhuj, Gujarat, India by Meenal Date
Photo of gandhi nu dham, gandhi nu dham, Bhuj, Gujarat, India by Meenal Date