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Kutch Fossil Park is around 10 km away from Dholavira. ...

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Our Bhunga (Mud house) had 2 double beds and the wooden roof contrasted pretty well with the colorful bathroom door, the looking mirror outlined with mud work, the beautiful windows, it was such a happy place to be. After having lunch in the resort, we left to see sunset at the Rann. Cab guy dropped us in the car parking and like all other tourists, we had to take a government run bus to the second stop, from where we would need a camel or horse ride. Instead of taking the bus, we decided to walk to the second stop. What a perfect decision it was. Long never ending deserted road with peace spread out on both sides of road, we lived the moments running jumping taking selfies, shooting videos and relished an uninterrupted view of the setting sun. We further took a bouncy camel ride to reach the white desert. And the moon has risen on the white desert. It was getting dark and the moon light was getting brighter than ever. There was joy all around, people dancing to their own beat, music throbbing on loudspeaker, flashing phone lights, reflection of moon on the salt water ground, it was a site to take in. We kept walking away from the crowds to reach a quiet spot. I set my tripod to experiment some sky shots while my friends had wine straight from the bottle and talked to the moon.
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This beach at Ahmedpur is considered to be the best in all of Gujarat and is a great place to vacation, soak in the sun while lying on its sandy beaches. The water is fine for wading or swimming and one will spot a number of sand castles being built by kids all along the beach. One can also make the most of the water sports like skiing, parasailing, surfing, water scooters and speed boats that are available at the beach. Indeed, Mandvi Beach is a great place for one to vacation and has become a favourite spot with the locals and as well as the tourists.
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About Kutch

One of Gujarat's most beautiful places, Kutch is nature's masterpiece. The vast barren land with spurts of colour is an enchanting sight and the White Desert, as it's fondly called, is what travellers' dreams are made of. The Rann of Kutch is filled with sea water during monsoons and with salt water, immediately after. Only on a few islands will you find signs of vegetation enough to sustain the life here. The Rann is made of almost 16 tribes and most tribes have distinct cultures, different languages and a way of life that is drastically different. During your trip here, do make sure to spend time with the tribes here. Not only will you learn a little more about the locals here but the experience tends to become quite memorable. Do visit Aina Mahal, Bhuj Museum, Prag Mahal and Mandvi beach. For adventure enthusiasts, do try the camel safari, stay at the camps under the stars and experience everything one usually doesn't. Of course, a visit here during Rann Utsav is unmatched. For shopaholics, there is a plethora of goodies to take back home, including silver jewellery, handicrafts, bandhani and applique work. Do choose your stay option carefully since that will add to your experience here in Kutch. Numerous options have been added to this town's growing list of hotels and you can easily choose the kind of holiday you want.

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Best time to visit Kutch is from October to March


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