Rejoicing with Old Hollywood at Los Angeles


Movies and architecture are two of the most glamorous domains present on this planet. And when these two themes come together, magic happens! One such example of this sorcery at play is the TCL Chinese Theatre. As a classic movie palace, this site gives a whole new meaning to the theatre going experience. Situated on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it has gone through many renovations and expansions till date without losing even an ounce of its essence. Tickets to Los Angeles will link you to such extraordinary sights in the blink of an eye.

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Grauman's Chinese Theatre is the erstwhile name of this place and people still refer to this place by this very title only since its acquisition by the Chinese corporation named TCL Corporation, a first occurrence of its kind, is very recent. The grand opening of this theatre took place with the screening of ‘The King of Kings’. Since then it has been the unofficial venue for many A-list events including a total of three Academy Awards events, George Lucas' Star Wars, corporate junkets and many other high profile events. The flights to Los Angeles are a great way to incorporate some culture and traditions in your life in the most enchanting way possible.

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There are many structures and objects within the building that are reminiscent of the bygone era. The fabulous concrete blocks set are fixed right in the middle of forecourt since it bears the precious memories of the sounding members who made this dream a reality which is standing tall and proud today. These blocks contain the handprints, footprints of the renowned personalities belonging to the motion pictures going as far as 1920 to present. Cheap flights to Los Angeles are yours for the taking if you act fast and book them in time for you upcoming vacation.

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