Road Trip From Hyderabad

Photo of Hyderabad, Telangana, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

This is another city for techy peoples and definitely as soos as weekend arrives most of the people are looking for road and weekend getaway. I will try cover some good road trip ideas which will help all Hyderabadis to plan one.



Photo of Warangal, Telangana, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

It is just 3 hours drive from Hyderabad to reach Warangal. This place has some amazing history, which says this city was carved out of one big single mountain. This place is described by Marco Polo in his travel writings and thousand pillar temple is a must visit here.



Photo of Lonavala, Maharashtra, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

Though it is little far away and will take you approx. 12 hours to reach this beautiful city of Maharashtra. Lonavla is a gorgeous destination that has a cool weather, and a cooler vibe. You will be away from the crowded streets of Hyderabad, or Mumbai, and experience a solitary bliss like never before. It is a good option for a long weekend.



Photo of Pattadakal, Karnataka, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

To reach Pattadakal, it will take you 9 hours according to google and as we know this doesn't include breaks. This place shows how 7th and 8th century looks like and art from this time is displayed here. The Group of Monuments in Pattadakal is certainly one of the favored destinations for a road trip. This place will be a worth for history lovers.


Badami Cave Temples

Photo of Pattadakal, Karnataka, India by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

Badami cave temples are so unique that it is one it's kind. This place can be one of the most spectacular places to visit from Hyderabad on a road trip. There are four caves in total here, with the first one dedicated to Lord Shiva. The third cave is the largest of the group, with giant images of Lord Vishnu. The fourth one is a Jain cave.

Please make sure you travel responsibly and keep the place litter free.

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