Incredible Athirappilly Falls - Complete Guide


Athirappilly Falls

Photo of Athirappilly Water Falls, Pariyaram, Kerala by Bloggers Without Borders - (BWB)

This is one of the largest falls in Kerala and located in Thrissur District. Fall is in Chalakudy River and I must say it is a worth visiting. Over the period of time this is able to attract film makers and lots of tourists to it, and now this is one of the major part of Kerala tourism because of it's splendid beauty.

This will be a complete guide for you to plan your trip here.


To reach here you have to cross Sholayar Reserve Forest in Thrissur which is nearly 40 Kms from Kochi city. So that been said Nearest Airport is Kochi, nearest railway station is Chalakudy railway station though is not must direct train to this railway station.


This fall was unknown to everyone until 80s when government started building a hydro project in area and someone noticed a magnificent fall. Biggest break through was when a Tamil movie was shot her with the most popular suicide scene was shot here in 1986 named "Punnagai Mannan". After this falls started getting popularity in tourists and movie makers. Falls has been featured in movie Guru, Dil Se, Raavan blockbuster Bahubali and many more.

Reaching Athirappilly Falls:-

You can hire a taxi from Kochi airport which will take some where about 2 hours and a bus service from Chalakudy railway station which will roughly takes 1 hour. You can choose to self drive from the dense forest which will be another experience. Forest department is taking care of the roads and facilities near falls. Ticket will cost you Rs.30 for Indian citizen and Rs.100 for foreign nationals.

Explore more inside:-

This massive and beautiful falls is the major attraction but ticket will cover you another 2 more falls which is Vazhachal Falls and Charpa Falls, which is approx 5 kms from here. They another spellbinding spots inside the deep jungle.

Please make sure you travel responsibly and keep the place litter free.

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