Sri Lanka: Exploring Ravana's Legacy

12th Sep 2018

Majestic Sri Lanka

Photo of Sri Lanka: Exploring Ravana's Legacy by Piyush
Day 1

My first day in Colombo was marked by the beautiful railway track that runs parallel to Marine Drive Road.

Photo of Marine Drive, Colombo, Sri Lanka by Piyush
Photo of Marine Drive, Colombo, Sri Lanka by Piyush
Day 2

Here's the morning view from my room at the Ravana Face Hotel.

Photo of Ella, Sri Lanka by Piyush

When you travel alone, you often find yourself interacting with people. I made a friend on my way to the hotel from the airport. He worked part-time as an Uber driver (private vehicles can be used for Uber taxis, so don't confuse them with vehicles displaying yellow and white number plates). We agreed to explore Ella together (I covered the fuel cost, which was still cheaper). What happened next was that I traveled from #Colombo to #Ella to #Habarana in a taxi with my new friend. What more could you ask for?

Day 3

I arrived here searching for Ravana's legacy, a figure well-known alongside Rama. This cave is believed to be a tunnel built by Ravana, connecting various cities. While it's a remnant of the past, the historical imprints are still evident. Though it might appear isolated and somewhat intimidating, if

Photo of Ravana's Cave, Ella, Sri Lanka by Piyush

The #RavanaCave is situated approximately 2 km from Ella town. According to history, this cave was used by King Ravana to conceal Princess Sita. Remarkably, archaeological findings in the cave include a human skull dating back to 20,000 BC. It's truly a #goldmine for those who are intrigued by the legends of #Ravana and historical mysteries.

If you plan to visit, remember to bring a flashlight, as the interior of the cave is pitch-dark.

This track is still functional !!

Photo of Nine Arches Bridge, Sri Lanka by Piyush

It's a beauty isn't it?

Photo of Nine Arches Bridge, Sri Lanka by Piyush

The #9ArchBridge stands as an exemplary piece of colonial-era railway construction in any country, offering breathtaking views. To reach this remarkable site, I embarked on a trek of nearly 1.8 miles through dense forests.

Popular rumors suggest that when construction work began on the bridge, the outbreak of the Great War led to the steel originally designated for this project being redirected to Britain's war-related efforts on the battlefront. Consequently, work came to a halt, prompting the local community to construct the bridge using stone bricks and cement, entirely devoid of steel. #NoSteel

Photo of Sri Lanka: Exploring Ravana's Legacy by Piyush
Day 4
Photo of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka by Piyush

There is a bit of history associated with #Sigirya Lion Rock fortress, historical record points that this place was built by #Kashaypa and was abandoned after his death. Then Buddhist monks claimed it and used this place. However there is another version of history which is usually not talked about. Sigiriya may be the Alakamandava (the City of the Gods) that was built up before 50 centuries ago by King Kubera who was the half-brother of Ravana (Ravan) as described in the #Ramayanaya. This is also claimed by some historians, I want to believe it and you can believe this too.

The #Sigiriya Lion Rock fortress carries a rich historical legacy. According to historical records, it was built by #Kashyapa and abandoned after his death. Subsequently, Buddhist monks took over and utilized the site. However, there's another version of the history that often remains less discussed.

Some suggest that Sigiriya might be the ancient Alakamandava (the City of the Gods), constructed over 5,000 years ago by King Kubera, who was the half-brother of Ravana, as described in the #Ramayana. While not widely acknowledged, this interpretation is embraced by some historians, and I find it fascinating. You may choose to believe it too

Now, take a look at the Sri Lankan national flag.

Photo of Sigiriya, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka by Piyush

I spent a day in Habarana, savoring local delicacies, making new friends, and then opted for a state transport bus for my return journey to Colombo Fort Bus Station. At the bus station, you can find regular shuttle services to the airport, with departures every 30 minutes.

Famous lying Buddha Sculpture at Pidurangala rock.

Photo of Pidurangala Rock, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka by Piyush