Synonyms of nature: Dudhwa 

14th Feb 2013

A surreal place to be in, far from the maddening crowd. Could not believe a quiet and magical place like Dudhwa exist in a "very much known" state like U.P. I was likened to the spirit by the mix ecosystem from grassland to wetland which makes it pretty much an all-in-one place for effective conservation measures to take place. I was there for 3 days and so hyped up for birding, that one activity I have fallen in love with. But, the fauna of the area from following a jackal to wild boars in the open track to wild elephants ready to charge us tops it all and much to the liking of the forest officials was our sighting of the river otters. The forest rest houses surviving since the colonial era was a spectacular thing. If any tired soul wants some time out to breathe in some fresh air and is interested in conservation measures, then, this is a place to gain some insight.

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