Tawa: a hidden gem

1st Jul 2015
Photo of Tawa: a hidden gem 1/2 by devika
sunrise over tawa river seen from the resort room
Tawa is situated in the lap of Satpura national park and on the banks of tawa river. Its about 120 km from Bhopal and the nearest town is Itarsi. We started in the early morning and so made most of the distance easily as roads are good except for few patches in between. We reached there in around 3 hours. The MPSTDC resort is situated well inside the tawa forest reserve. It would be advisable to book the rooms well in advance. The staff is really efficient and helpful and guide you to the resort on phone, which could be missed if in a hurry. The rooms available there were comfortable and had a pristine view of the tawa river and the forest laden satpura ranges. The huge reservoir has small forest islands that adds to the beauty of it. The MPSTDC resort has various boat rides and tours of the river. Its quite calm and peaceful and ideal for relaxation after a long journey.  The food served was good. A day and a night stay is ideal. The beauty of the place was accentuated by the good service of the MPSTDC resort staff in such a remote place. Cut off from the world, its hard to get network there but this place is ideal if you are looking forward to a complete break from the hustle bustle of civilization. 
Photo of Tawa: a hidden gem 2/2 by devika  Sunrise on the tawa river as viewed from the room.